Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rod's Reflections for December 2015

December 2015

          It was a dream. One of those kind that wake you up and send you to the bathroom during the waning hours of any given morning. By the time I had finished my early morning void and I returned to move my favorite feline out of what remained of my vacated warm spot, the dream had already left my slow functioning mind. I slide in on my right side, placed my left leg over my body pillow and burrowed my shaved head into my pillow. Yes, yes... Paradise, as I pull the covers over my chilled shoulders to help restore that perfect balance of body temperature conducive to productive sleep. Just seconds before I yield to the demands of another paradoxical sleep, I feel my domesticated, Russian Blue, little gray stray curl up in the small of my back as close to me as she can so she too might enjoy that peaceful rest before I stir once again. The dream I left was somehow placed on pause! It started right where it left off as the sandman dusted me into the first stages rapid eye movement.  Now, who in this realm of cognizant reasoning ever dreams of surfing facebook besides me?  Yet that is where I found myself, arrowing down through pages of "news feeds" from who, what, when and where ever!  A comforting repose began as I fell deeper into my trance like sleep. "Rod, have you noticed that your lasting wish has come through for you?" Pausing my declining consciousness as if to ponder the question posed by this unknown source, another thought process was revealed. "Of the pages you have surfed, have you noticed that not one time have you seen the face of your narcissistic president berating gun control or climate change or any other topic to further divide us as a people?  Please take notice that I have spared you from the visual pain of those exacerbated expressions captured and posted on every other news feed for you to become more agitated with of the lefts favorite Miss Daisy as she spins her crime wave to gain the White house!"  Now just how many times has it crossed my mind, how wonderful it would be if I could simply scroll through my news feeds and enjoy friend and family activities along with positive news feeds from the collections of my "liked" pages without being exposed to the disgusting faces and propaganda regurgitation's of the progressive left!! Please tell me I am not the only person that feels this way?  I am sick of the promised booty the election of either of the progressives left's candidates offer, but mostly the disgusting embrace by the secular news media that paints them in a positive aura of continued change.  The big rub with me? The illiterate among us on both sides of the fence that believe this dramaturgical bull feces and think there is money abundant to do this!!  Another reason I shave my head.  No hair to pull out.  Why stop there. Let us visualize the scowl of our ever so popular First Lady now that she finally likes America.  Why the attitude?  Because all children, red, yellow, black and white despises the dog food lunches forced upon them while her children have the very best in school lunches.  Fast forward the profound intelligent excerpts from the left coast's favorite former House Leader, "We have to pass the bill to see what is in it!"  As the Queen of the West remains more and more silent the DNC highlighted yet another socialist progressive as the dryed and fried photos of Wasser name Shultz causes more acid secretions in my stomach that LIMU could possibly control!   Again that calming source of resolve regained control of my mind with a sense of comfort reminding me to "Relax, not one of these nightmares will appear again.  You will see them not!" It was here that true rest overtook me.  

          The dream subsided as did I until my preset alarm awakened my purpose. As 5am turned into 7am, my work computer came to life. Email review, newly added members to my spam club and a visit to my news source, Facebook!  There I find my favorite Arms Dealer had already engaged in what was quickly substantiated in my mind, that being the false truths of dreams!  It was just a dream.  And now the nightmare returns.   Nothing could be further from the truth than my face staring at the faces of every one of our most highly regarded leaders of this diminishing free nation. Discombobulated stress symptoms began boiling deep within the depths of my conservative foundations. It is here I always find resolve in the fact that no one is chosen for leadership unless He allows it. Yes... But didn't He allow this once before when the people demanded a King?  Oh yes... Professor History has spoken clearly of this.  Oh, my soul.  I left out John "Catsup" Kerry... Enough!! There is peace in rest.  Let me take my cat and see what REM sleep surprises me with tonight.

Posted December 1 from my late evening home.

          I would like to share with those of you that wrestle constantly with weight and diabetes, that I went to the donut shop today. Yes, the infamous Harlow's Donut Shop! I was sent by two very demanding front office ladies who desired the sweetness of donut holes to help stimulate their interaction with the general public. As I entered the door of this frequented establishment, temptation consumed my soul. I felt control undress me as my eyes fell upon the display of sugar glazed and baked dough and I yearned to break my vows of gluttony to partake in the very source of my needed addiction. I tore away with four donuts safely secured in two small bags praying I could reach the drive thru water payment window to deliver this tasty delicacy before my desire for the contents consumed them. With shaking hands I put both bags into the slide out tray and felt the temptation along with the evils of gluttony slip from me. Driving away I was proud I had resisted the temptation to partake in my desired fix of four donuts, two cream filled eclair's and that big apple fritter that spikes my blood sugar at 600? I don't know really, just how high it goes because I don't want to know. I can tell you this, as I sit here typing my achievement of the day, my stomach churns in hungered angst and I just sneezed twice to dispel the DT symptoms. I'm doing ok right now but I still have to drive by that source of temptation several times a day.

Posted December 2