Monday, August 11, 2014

Facebook Quotes for August 2014

My Facebook post from 2013 started in January and ran through the entire year for twelve long months.  Friends trying to keep up with it told me it was difficult  to start at the beginning of the only "true blog" I keep and arrow down to the last post.   This year, I will post my blog from one month to the next as a separate story throughout the 2014 calendar year?  If you find yourself remotely interested in what goes on in my thoughts and mind, please take the time to join and let me know you are here.  I personally enjoy every fingerprint that is left here and appreciate your comments even more.  There are occasional short stories I do post along with my Facebook Quotes Blog so if you have the time to join, again, please do,  I am still trying to figure out who my favorite fan actually is.  Their name is Anonymous! No last name.  Imagine that.


          I have been axed by a few concerning friends, just where have I been and why so silent the last decade or so? Decade? Goodness, how time flies by when it dawns on someone you haven't been around for a while. So, let me brought chaw up ta date on where I been. Actually, right here in a nurturing roll of sorts. As we move down that highway we interact with called life, we find on occasion the necessity for that occasional major overhaul in order to keep ourselves pliable and acceptable in a social sort of way. Because a majority of us co-exist in pairs, we find that over time in order to actually exist, we must depend on one another to actually exist! And that is a viable function if carefully orchestrated! On the 31st of July, Linda and I "snuck" away to the local surgery center where with the capable assistance of a wonderful surgeon, had "zippers" installed on both of Linda's knees! This facilitated the ability for him to actually cut off both of her legs and install what he called the Cadillac's of chrome and cobalt prosthetic knees! You see, the other ones she had before the zippers were just worn slap out because of way too many miles and something called arthritis? Anyway, that was fixed on the morning of the 31st! We stayed around the garage until the 3rd of August before they moved her to the body shop also known as the rehab center! Even though every-thing behind the zippers were brand new, it seemed she needed to have some serious body work done in order for these new replacement parts to actually function properly now that they were installed. So, as my brave and determined wife struggled with the adjustments, she rapidly improved from being pushed around in a wheel chair to exercising herself on her own "licensed" Independent aluminum walker complete with her own basket for storing things of importance. This past Saturday, all systems tested positive as therapy providers awarded my champion with her own "Independence Day" tee shirt! Posted on her door that day was a sign advising all employees of that body shop to not assist in washing, feeding, assisting in anyway except upon dire request to include potty breaks and showers! Remember the "co-exist as a pair" thing from earlier? Trust me, there are times independence is welcomed! Well, anyway, she flew through with flying colors and everyone that shared the same body reconditioning floor with her found her to be their envy! Around 11:00 am on this date, she signed her new Cadillac's out of the body shop and embraced the new challenge of climbing into the Van for the trip home! You know, that long awaited "fledging" to be on your own? Climbed right into the passenger seat and said, "Drive!" My only reply was "Where to, Ms. Daisy?" I was instructed without hesitation to three distinct places. The first of course was the pharmacy to drop her perscriptions. It seemed there was an additive known as Percocet that absolutely had to be added via oral consumption every 4 to 6 hours to help offset any homicide that could possibly occur as a result of  those "cloudy" snaps the Oxycodone encourages on well intended spouses. It was apparent her springing forth from the restrictive confines of necessary institutionalization was well planned as I was directed to get her "handicap" tag at the DMV before we proceeded to Wal-mart! Excited about riding the plug-in buggy at Wally World, ya think? Oh yeah! But I discouraged her "this time" until she was a little stronger and "sharper" mentally! I certainly did not want some un-intended victim to errantly bump into her and fall prey to the "cloud" from the additive she so desperately needs. She remained in her air conditioned Dodge Ram Caravan while I headed inside, unable to park in the handicapped zone for the first time ever simply because everyone of them I sought, were actually full! School supplies? Who woulda thunk?  As I returned from the maze of crazed shoppers, our fledging outing was cut short! There was another "additive" we had not factored into our trip called Lasix! She/me had no idea how fast acting that stuff is, but the idea of me speeding to get her home over rode the possibility of a speeding ticket. I mentioned Depends and that Oxycodone fog again slapped me. I increased to 53 in a 35mph zone. Upon reaching home it was amazing the instructions I received on how to pull into my own garage. I was instructed where to stop and why as to accommodate her ascent into the dwelling we called home. Zippers? New body parts? The need for natural relief? Folkses, have you ever tossed a baby duck into a pool of water? This woman was at home. I just couldn't get her portable potty over the real potty fast enough to meet her needs, but we made it. I was sent off to retrieve the meds the pharmacy was processing with a stern warning. I am fine, go get my medicine and leave me alone! If any are actually interested, I am good. I am still breathing. If you don't hear from me... Well, never mind... She's home!~

Posted August 11th from my afternoon home.

          My flag is gently stirred by a barely noticeable breeze at my river's edge. It is a 66° start with a relative humidity of 94% and the barometric pressure is a touch over 30 mb. It is a cool start for an August morning as school is in full swing here within my chosen geographical boundaries. As the rising source of life gave color to my river this morning, she revealed just one word that imprinted in my mind. Peaceful! And so it is for me, right here, right now, at this very spot as the experience itself resonates within the confined privacy of my mind played out as present time.  So it is now that I will take advantage of what is granted me during this moment as this snapshot I have of a peaceful moment I relish in, is certainly not reflective of current world events. Somewhere in the heart of every true American, that Eagle that is representative of this nation's resolve is bristling with discontent. It is just a matter of time and at this moment I chose not to dwell there. One last glance at my river's surface and she bids me farewell until later.  This body of liquid life is so confident in her hold on me that she is absolute of my return. As am I as I drive away to engage my day knowing my affair with my river continues...
Posted August 13th from my river.

          My morning began at 05:30 with an 80 minute, 5 mile stroll on my treadmill. After a cool down period and looking at pictures posted on Facebook of OPHS 45 year reunion up in West Monroe I hastened to partake of the morning cleansing that a shower and shave imprints on ones mind. As I powdered up after blow drying my hair, I stepped on the scales and realized a new record had been achieved! Good for me! 20 years since I've seen 243 pounds! But as with most days, my constant sin companion was encouraging me to hasten my personal hygiene and register my weight, blood pressure and blood sugar in my log so I could yield to her demands. Sin? Did I say that? Well yes. I can now acknowledge the very thing that has possessed me and destroyed me over the years. Gluttony! There it is with a twist of covetousness.

I knew in my refrigerator were five beautiful yellow skin peaches, placed there just yesterday evening waiting for me this morning. The peach. Oh my word. You see, somewhere in my life time some women's group coined the Apple as being the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge that Satan tempted Eve with. Remember the bright red apple necklaces with one bite mark? Understand, for that to be biblically correct, two bites should have been present as Adam himself partook of the fruit also. I am here to rebuke the apple theory. I feel in my heart the fruit on that tree was the fuzzy, dew laden, fat, sweet, yellow peach whose sweetness is second only to honey itself. I believe Eve took of this treasure and was so pleased she hid it behind her back and let Adam taste it on her lips before presenting it to him! After the second bite was made, the peach, chilled by the coolness of the Garden's peace, was devoured in whole and Adam was left to dig himself out of the pit he was left holding for the rest of his life. I sure do love peaches! They are only 68 calories. So cold. Another one? You think? Time for church. I digress.

Posted August 17 in the am hours before Church Services...

          As I park my car beside my river, I lower my windows before turning out the lights on my patrol unit. There exists a fog this morning and my water's surface is stippled with what appears to be discontent?? The church bell across her bridged expanse rings out a greeting 17 times as the 0600 hour comes to pass despite the inaccuracy of the bell's resolve.  Police radio chatter finds our motorcycle traffic units engaging recalcitrant violators as obviously they try to squeeze more time into an already carefully metered day. High pressure dominates my morning setting as I reflect back on the free council I have offered family members in order to offset future storms I knew they would endure if voiced wisdom, laid precariously in there laps, were to be ignored!   Storms?   To what extent the damage might these forecast projections inflict if allowed to dance across the possessed landscapes of my hard-headed descendants?  My River...  She simply reminds me that my warnings should not cause me burden as my desire to regulate harmony was received of my offspring without the benefit of experience, discontent, or turmoil of which incited my forecast in the first place. Still fog laden, and 30 minutes past my first observation, her surface has lost its stippled manner and she sits quietly beside me in sort of a catatonic state of existence. Maybe I should save my council for another, more wise, discerning soul. Myself maybe! The last thing I need are storms in my life. And this storm brewing is one that could have easily been avoided. So, knowing this, why is the temptation for me to just kick the crap out of it so tempting and exciting?  If I could just slip off to some  peaceful island or mountain somewhere?  No, it would have to be a mountain... 
Posted August 18 from my river.

          Before I can position myself comfortably beside my predawn river, a commercial fisherman motors by obviously intent on checking his bounty. Mercury and sodium vapor light reflections from across her depths regain their watery wiggle as the passing disturbance of the boat's wake subsides. Her persona is quiet this morning. A peaceful quiet maybe? But that boat disturbed her surface without care and ruined my contentment of that moment by using her! Another assessment of her temperament finds her content and calm yet once again and soothing to my soul. Do not be disturbed Rod, she said. The boat is not using me as you might choose to think. I am actually accommodating him in much the same way I do you. My boundaries are long and wide and deep so allow me to be who I am. Let me be what I am. And another boat raced by as morning light begins to reveal the colors of my Flag.

Posted August 26 from my river.