Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Facebook Quotes of 2012

Another take off from 2011 are a collection of Facebook Quotes from 2012.  I chose this year to include some comments posted by different friends that to me, adds to the humor or imprint of my intended remark(s).  Some of them do provoke thought where others are posted because I find a [sic] sort of humor in them.  I do hope you continue to revisit this page as it will constantly be edited and revised throughout the coming year with post I add to facebook.   So, if you miss any of my facebook ramblings, you may pick them up here if I feel and remember to post them to this blog.  Depending on how the urge to write strikes me, you may find an occasional short story added as well and I wish you would entertain me by commenting if you feel led to.   The very first post I made of 2012 was the day after Alabama defeated LSU in the BCS National Championships in New Orleans, LA.  As we all know, life goes on...

           Yes, Morning has Broken like a breath of fresh air as the thrill of victory and agony of defeat tries to find stability across Dixie. The Great State of Mississippi separates the high from the low. It tis Morning for sure, and it has broken... Let us all partake of the fruits of her offerings!

January 10 at 8:14am near Pineville

            So as we proceed through the first quarter of 2012, I moved into the second year of my seventh decade on this earth and wanted to continue collecting "things I found amusing" to share with anyone that might venture this way.  Friends are like kids, in that you love them all but some just bring something special to the table.  This one...  Well... As you meander through this post, you will feel her in your heart...  Take my word for it.  Let me introduce you to her: 

Who do we know that is usually the first to smile at us in the morning?

Who do we know that wishes for us peace and happiness every night before leaving?

Who do we know that has never posted anything without misspelling a word or several?

Who do we know that never makes sense in a post but understands exactly what is said?

Who do we know that when we mess up will be the first to catch us and tell us "I still luvs ya?”

Who do we know that actually luvs us so much they are sometimes offensive with the things they say while trying so hard to show just how much we are loved?

Who do we know that puts their foot in their mouth more that a toothbrush and sits back and wonders, "What did I say this time?"

Who do we know that tells us just how much their spouse is loved by how much they desire to kill them?

Who do we know that collectively puts all of us in their heart and loves us unconditionally?

Who do we know that aches when only "one of us" fusses because of an inability to understand how much that person cares about what we think?

Who is the first to laugh by ROTFLMBO at stupid things we say?

Who is the only person we know with red hair and blond roots?

I want all of you that read this to know I love that crazy person, and she needs our prayers!

Care to guess??

Her name is Ms. Sandi Shannon Woods...

January 26 at 8:23am near Pineville

          My river is high today and seems to display her discontent in a display of rapid movement and reddish color as she meanders southward. A bargeless tow boat is patiently waiting for DOTD personnel to arrive to raise a traffic bridge to enable passage upstream. I am amazed at the talent of the tug's Captain as he balances his tow boat steady against the persistent push of the rivers current. Interesting the travels of an inland mariner when you think of their silent passage through your cities as you sleep and work, rest or play.

February 2 at 9:58am near Pineville

          Now that my face has been chewed off for doing nothing except taping abnormal behavior, let me now share the fun part! As soon as we got to BJ's pizza, I sit down with Ashton, Katie and Gabby while Maw Maw and Paige get stuff like the drinks, condiments, etc... Linda sits the cokes on the table along with the jalapeno peppers she gets on the side for her pizza. I’m just watching now! Minding my own business and Katie snatches up the peppers, opens the top, pours them on the table and I start grinning... Ever notice how much Jalapeno peppers and dill pickles look very much alike??? God did that on purpose to help parents train non-submissive children, the same way he puts radiating heat from a fire to warn children not to get to close?! Well, any way, she picks one up and pops it in her mouth and I'm grinning ear to ear now almost laughing out loud! Linda said, what’s so funny and I just pointed to Katie! Linda got upset because she poured her jalapenos on the table until she noticed Katie's face and we heard the first crystal clear English word from her mouth... "HOT!" I lost it. Almost told her to rub her eyes, but just didn't have the heart! By the way, did you know an almost 3 year old can drink an entire 16oz drink by herself? Oh well... It was funny to me!!! May the pile on Rod and abusive remarks now begin! With some children now, personal experience beats a belt hands down!

Comments from Mariglen Baxter Ledger:

(1) Dang it, Rod! You did that just for that reaction. You should be ashamed! Bless her heart... somebody needs to clue that child in that you are full of baloney (I'm being nice here)!

(2) That's not funny at all. I'm serious. THAT IS NOT FUNNY. Did you hear me?

(3) I just can't even comment on this. I may lose control.

And my final comment to her! (hope nothing has been mailed to me that ticks) So best to leave well enough alone.

“That just tickles me every time I read it! Ledger, you strike terror deep in my heart!”

February 8, 2012 @ B.J.’s Pizza

          Post Script on Grand kids. You can pull the same stuff on them you did with their parents when they were that age only with more knowledge and a sharper perspective on what you really want to accomplish! Some times it works and sometimes it doesn't. Here is an example: I love chocolate milk. Satisfies my cravings and urges for sweet stuff. Buy it in gallon size and I drink it from the container. It is mine! Linda doesn't care for it so ...why use proper protocol and break out something to be washed? So I just chug-a-lug the sweet nectar right down my throat from the jug. Works just fine until nosey minds and prying eyes of snooping grand kids discover this gallon jug sitting in the fridge with "go ahead I dare you" written in Chocolate Milk. After killing one grandchild for getting something of mine without asking, they now walk into my room, take a knee, kiss my ring and ask, "Poppy, my I have some of your chocolate milk?" I think carefully as I looked into my grandson’s eyes upon this request and tell him. "There is not much left, but you may have some.” I make him understand by telling him specifically, that “you do know Poppy back washes a lot when I drink my chocolate milk, so don't let the chunks bother you.” “I just play like its real chunks of chocolate as I drink it down and swallow it!". He breaks out in a big smile and says "Thanks Poppy," breaking camp for the fridge. Why do I like this kid? Gotta think of something better next time. Wonder if it was the thought of chocolate chunks that excited him? Or if he even heard me?  Life is so much fun when you get older!

February 10, 7:45pm Home

             My river has slowed it rapid flow southward as the lights of Alexandria illuminate in ripples across her movement. The gates of dawn are just introducing the gray cover of clouds as rain teases us once again with her Louisiana winter days. Signs of the resurrection are unfolding with the daffodils, narcissus and tulip magnolias already showing colors. Oh, and happy St Valentines to all of you that chose to be a part of tomorrow a day early.

February 13 at 6:40am

             To the veterans of this war, I thank you all for your service. Too many of us are memorialized on black granite to be remembered until the end of time. The memories of all of you in the hearts of the living are felt every time we place our hands over our chest to pledge our continued allegiance to the flag and country many of us served... In time those memories will fade as our generation passes away. It is then in eternity we may all be reunited as time as we knew it will be the soul heartbeat of forever…

February 13 at 9:00pm

          My river has slowed it rapid flow southward as the lights of Alexandria illuminate in ripples across her movement. The gates of dawn are just introducing the gray cover of clouds as rain teases us once again with her Louisiana winter days. Signs of the resurrection are unfolding with the daffodils, narcissus and tulip magnolias already showing colors. Oh, and happy St Valentines to all of you that chose to be a part of tomorrow a day early.

February 13 at 6:40am

Mariglen Baxter Ledger:   Puweeee!!! dead skunk in the middle of the road hope it wasn't anyone I know!

Sandi Shannon Woods:   it might be I heard he disappeared last night... soooooo sure he was trash digging lol..

Rod Ferguson:   ah, but ya see! The power of impression... You smell skunk, you think skunk. you think skunk, you think Rod! I'm there.. 25 years from now if your here, you will still think Rod when you smell skunk, and where ever your mind finds you, I hope you smile!

March 8 at 8:02am

          I have been told that the Dogwood is becoming more visible here in different places of the the South. The blooms here have unfurled and the color is beginning to show. I hope to take some pics today of her glory, but saddened the sunshine has hidden her bathing light from the developing bloom. That "touch" will be missed in my camera's capture of the message the Dogwood tells... Maybe today I can share with you what I find.

March 8 at 8:11am near Pineville

          Ah, by the way. Yesterday I stopped at or new Burger King and was experimenting with their soft drink dispersal unit. Under the Coca-Cola button there were several subset choices. Cherry, vanilla, diet etc... One I had never seen or tasted until this encounter and temptation cause me to partake of the forbidden fruit. I love it. Lime Coke. I'm serious. I've never seen or heard of it but became addicted to it. Anyone else know or hear about this stuff?

March 12 at 3:00pm via mobile

          Another spring morning of overcast haze that slightly distorts the blooming maze of this season’s gift! Ah, but 16 years ago today, when I walked out of North Monroe Hospital after my Dad passed away, I remember distinctly how beautiful that day was as the sunlight Highlighted every promise ever made... Come on Becky Flair! Wake up. She was talking to me last night at 3:30am so she is having a difficult time getting started. Casandra Ruth? Where are you? So unlike you not to be stirring by this time of day! I know your ok... Mariglen? What light year are you in this morning? Lets go ladies! June? Debra? Dee? Eugene? Shesh! I'm still going to enjoy the day if I possibly can.

March 14 at 7:41am near Pineville

Just for you Rod.....saw this and immediately thought of you.


March 20 at 2:24pm •

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Rod Ferguson:   I would probably get up and move to the other side of the raccoon! I mean, that stupid bear might want an antenna!

Debbie Rizzo:    Bahahahahaha

Sandi Shannon Woods:    I do not get it lol..

Rod Ferguson:    Call Rizz, Casandra Ruth.

Sandi Shannon Woods:  no!

Sandi Shannon Woods:   u already know I am not so smart lol.. what is on the bears head I cannot see it..

Sandi Shannon Woods:    cannot see it lol

Leona Price Cagle:    A human butt. Lol

Barbara Dixon Marchbanks:   A set of BOOB's & NO head ! LMBO !!!

Leona Price Cagle: I think it is a butt....can only imagine what's on the front. Lmbo

Don Crawford:    Rodney, where did you get the nickname of skunk anyway? Glad so many found humor and enjoyed the posting!

Rod Ferguson:   Leona, just what did you think when I said "he might want an Antenna"?

Sandi Shannon Woods:   See that's where it got confusing to me LOL

Leona Price Cagle:   I was confused too. But now I understand. ROFLMBO

Rod Ferguson:   Call her, Leona! She needs help this morning.

Rod Ferguson:   Ok. Every morning!

Sandi Shannon Woods:    I still do not get this stupid cartoon!!!

Leona Price Cagle:    Ok, I know

Sandi Shannon Woods:    LOL and Rod are u being ugly to me LOL. If you are I going hunting to get a skunk hat!!!

March 21 at 8:54am

          I guess I must set the stage for the next exchange. My friend Eugene Stamper had answered and inquiry about something and it printed on the news feed a Picture of a tombstone. Listed was his full name, along with his Date of Birth and Date of Death. Also contained was a small epithet of his life… No biggie I thought. So I followed the address to the link and proceeded to see what my date of death might be. I distinctly remembered it asking permission to access my personal data as well as post on my wall. I checked all of that thinking I’m in total control. I’ll post it if I like it and if I don’t; I’ll just back out and delete everything… Folks? Don’t be retarded like I was “THINKING” you’re in control. Face book has your number… Continuing, I clicked yes and the next thing I was staring at was a SURVEY!! Free IPhone 5 if you fill out this :30 second survey! Well, I didn’t have time for that so I simply backspaced out thinking all was well.

NOT!!! I hear this ding where my friend Stacey McPherson clicks “likes this” on my wall. "Likes?"  I think to myself, I have not posted anything, so I go to my wall and there is this nice looking tombstone with ROD FERGUSON DOB 01-13-1951, and before I could even LOOK at my DATE of DEATH, I saw my epithet! Had 9,000 Orgasms! After I almost kill myself to delete the picture, the rest is what follows:

THAT SHOOK ME UP SO BAD I DIDN'T SEE WHAT YEAR I DIED TRYING SO HARD TO DELETE IT!!! Goodness Stacey, I hope you’re the only one to see that!!!

March 21 at 1:56pm near Pineville

Stacey McPherson likes this!

Stacey McPherson;    I don’t know if I should feel sorry for you or envy you!!! lol

Rod Ferguson;    regardless to the truth surrounding that, just want you to know I did not complete that thing! I didn't even do the survey! It was trying to punish me...

Stacey McPherson:    ‎...or trying to tell you s'thing! BWHAHAHA

Betty Green Martin:    I saw it, ha hahaha!! (Folks, this is my Pastor’s Mother, You beginning to catch on?)

Rod Ferguson:    Now i'm really embarrassed! Excuse me while I go out and wait for a bus to pass! LoL...

Debbie Rizzo:    What u talkin about?

Rod Ferguson:    oh, nothin!!

Rod Ferguson:    Just some stuff Eugene Started, Rizz!!

Stacey McPherson:    He's a BUSY man.....he may not have time to explain!

Rod Ferguson:    Stacey? My beloved old friend from way back when!!! Do you know who Mrs. Betty Is? *Waving at that sweet woman** You can shut up now! *big grin** Oh, Mrs. Betty! Did you know your son, Nathan, MY PASTOR *take notice Stacey** told me about the Iphone 5 survey?? He is a very wise young man...

Stacey McPherson:    I'm about to die lol!!

Rod Ferguson:    Me too! *sweating profusely*

Debbie Rizzo:    Tell gene to leave u alone! I saw his headstone but could not go there! No self-full filling prophecy for me!

Mariglen Baxter Ledger:    What did I miss??? Dang, I'm always late to the party. :(

Becky Gates Lockhart:    Join the club MG..RR tell me you did not take that survey about when you’re going to die...

Rod Ferguson:   Did not take it..

Becky Gates Lockhart:    GOOD>>> If I took that test and got a date that would be the end of me...

Lindsay Williams:   I saw it!

Nathan Martin:    Only 9,000? I guess you're younger than I thought! LOL! (This IS my PASTOR!)

Rod Ferguson:    Somebody just kill me!

June Thompson:    Overstreet Yes, RR, saw you took that test!!! You and Eugene!! I don't want to know a date!!! LOL

Sandi Shannon Woods:    What did I miss too.. MG not just you I missed it too :( lol..

Mariglen Baxter Ledger:    All I know is that if it embarrassed Rod, it must have been a real doozy. In fact, I didn't think it was even possible to embarrass him!

March 22 at 8:07pm

           A face book friend of mine, Don Crawford, asked me a few days ago where I got the nickname “Skunk?” All I know is it has been around a very long time. I could have started out as some pet Junior High name or whatever, I just don’t remember. So, I just addressed where I know it actually found its footing and became as part of me as the Mockingbird.

Skunk. Where did it come from? For lack of a more focused beginning lets say the name Mr. Skunk became synonymous with me in my Jackson, Mississippi police days. I was part of the first DWI enforcement federal task force in that city. The city of Jackson actually gave me my own "black and white" to keep 24/7. I installed a CB radio and called myself Skunk. Truck drivers came to call me Mr. Skunk as my tenured years of night work continued, so as time progressively passed I just assumed that title from the CB Radio day’s and after Al Gore said he invented the Internet. As I slide across the manicured acres of America’s landscape on my Honda Gold wing, I still answer to the handle “Skunk!” Besides this name is a reflection of my family in the 21st century. Resist as I did in the last Millennium, I have come to embrace who I am today. I like the man I have turned into and for some reason; the name Skunk fits me even better this century than it did the last one!

Rod Ferguson And while I am typing this, Secret Garden is singing "Gates of Dawn" on Pandora... Love that song.

Mariglen Baxter Ledger I like Skunk!

June Thompson Overstreet Good morning, Skunk!! Mighty fine morning here!! When you riding your motorcycle down to see me?

Rod Ferguson Hello Sister June! The urge to ride hit me hard yesterday. I would love to get down there and have a nice lunch with you and a couple of more friends! Miss talking with you.

June Thompson Overstreet Come on down!!! Just not Easter weekend!!

Sandi Shannon Woods Ok skunk....

Pam Turner Nations That's very interesting. But I'm not sure I understand how it fits. Ok so I can be a bit dense......But the ride, now that I can feel. Enjoy the wind and the freedom of the open road.

Deborah Copes I loves the Skunk! A bit stinky at times tho :-)

Becky Gates Lockhart I loves me some Skunk!!! Keep smelling ...hehe

Debra Plunkett Johnson Skunks are so cute and fluffy.

March 26, Pineville, LA.

          Everything is cute when it is a baby or young. Ever notice that? Cute puppies grow up to be dogs. Same thing as kittens. They grow up to be ok in our mind but never as cute as when they were young! Our kids! Perfect example... Weren't they cute in pictures long ago? Awwwwwwee.. How sweet... Pick one! Bird, squirrel, skunk even a nasty ole opossum is cute when they are a baby... Then we ...stumble across the snake. Folks? The snake is not pretty unless you find yourself amazed at its colors. Remember Satan was and still is beautiful. But despite the patterns of subliminal colors, even with a baby snake, do you have the desire to reach down, pick it up and cuddle it??? Ahhhh the snake... creatures of the Divine curse... Will make grown men turn and run full speed into a mighty oak. Even as a baby, there is nothing cute about them...
Posted March 30, Pineville, LA

          Rain is a filter for the mind and soul... Lightning is the stimulus that gets our attention and the thunder is the applause of the angels... Problem is, we fear the applause of the angels more than the lightning itself... How many times have I told kids and grand kids as well as friends, "never fear the thunder. If the lightning touches you, trust me, you will not hear the thunder!" And just what does this have to do with coffee and another gift of morning? Don't guess I should mix coffee with Diet Dr. Pepper. I love you guys! May your minds be open to the possibilities of this day. Good morning to all and I pray you enjoy it to the very best of your abilities. Simply walk outside, take a deep breath, and Give Thanks that as you stand there, we are still a nation favored by Him... Aren't we?

Posted April 4, Pineville, LA

       Dear friends and facebook family. It is beginning. No, I beg to differ. It is not beginning it is happening. Snapshots of where I will be are beginning to collect in small corners of my life. On the out side, I am still the overweight, bald shaved mostly smiling person most have come to know or reacquaint themselves with. And now I find myself in a quandary of mental engagements. So let me ex...plain. My job is simple, yet there is a defining purpose. If my job description were to be posted, one of the task I do is pick up the mail daily on or around 9:45am. This mail, from the Post Office of the US, is where mail from everywhere is collected from registered stuff for the Mayor, legal stuff, personal stuff, bills, taxes or just anything you can imagine that contributes to the function of city government. I have picked it up everyday this week! Ok, Rod, And?? Well at 11:30 as I am about to bite down on a PB&J sandwich, my personal cell rings... I answer... The Mayors Executive Secretary... Rod? Have you not answering you city cell today? I pull it out of my pocket and realize I haven't turned it on. I said, "I'm sorry, forgot to turn it on." PB & J is sliding down my left forearm now. I said, "whats going on?" She laughed and asked me if I was going to pick up the mail today. What is this? What could I say? I said I am on my way! I forgot? I FORGOT to get the MAIL for the ENTIRE CITY? I do it everyday!!! I tossed my sandwich because I'm sick at my stomach, wash the PB&J that got on my arm off and walk out the door to my patrol unit. As I get there I casually check to see if my pants are zipped!!! Its happening...

13 April 2012 at 12:07pm near Pineville
          Awoke this morning totally unaware of pending weather. Surprised at the heavy rain and as soon as I stepped into the carport after locking the door behind me, I realized I had FoRgOtTeN not one, but both my city cell phone and my IPhone. Around the house in the pouring rain to an unlocked door where I could gain entry. The song Raindrops Falling on my Head was keeping perfect time as i just gave my freshly shaved head to the onslaught of falling rain. I'm old enough to know I'll dry! Anyway, a quick dash inside and apology to Linda for disturbing her again and I'm back in the weather making my way to my car! There... In the heavy fall of rain, the distinct tune of my mockingbird. Beautiful. Precise and just for me! I love that bird and what it represents in my life! Enjoy my friends, and may all I love be safe!

16 April 2012 near Pineville

          We rise for our cycle of rest at an appointed time everyday and as we move through our appointed time, we find ourselves being subliminally seduced by by some form of digital media as it chips away at our moral fiber. I can remember as a child growing up on the south side of Monroe, La., that I didn't know curse words. Now as an adult I think horrid things or what I would do with places like Iran... and North Korea? Wait now? Surely I am NOT alone here! What has happened to my/our compassion, moral compass? Who/what is continuing to destroy the foundation of freedom my entire life was dependant upon? Do you understand where I am coming from? Three Quarters of my life is gone. It has been wonderful. Purchased with the blood of countless young men and women of the Greatest Generation. And now, it seems once again all across the world the crescent moon raises swords of discontent and it is now finding breeding grounds in our own cities and back yards. I am not eloquent enough to express in words my concern, but as the last quarter of my life slips by like the fine sand of an hourglass, it is easier to focus on the liberal/conservative choices that have begun to collide. This time however, not across the big pond, but right here at our doorsteps. Don? I guess it was your like to my **grin** that prompted this... I stand ready and am still unafraid to walk out of my door! What price, freedom?
27 April 2012 near Pineville

On the 28th of April at 1830 hours at a place called the Warehouse, located in Monroe, LA., several graduates of the OPHS class of 1969 are gathering for an evening of dining and renewing of old friendships.  One of my dearest facebook friends, June Thompson Overstreet asked me if I had my dancing shoes on or if I had my boxing gloves ready!  I must admit, she spoke words that only one that had been there before could speak and I realized just why I had missed every reunion this group of people had ever had.  I understood exactly, her question.  Here is what I shared with her:
          Dancing shoes were never part of my wardrobe sweet June. Boxing gloves, however have always been in the visual part of my closets. I do wonder if the need might surface to pull them out, but at this point in my life, if there are memories that need to be buried, I would pray forgiveness be found in the hearts of those where animosity has lived for 40 plus years of our life. I would like to put those pieces of discontent into a package of peace and forgiveness... Something I chose not to carry into eternity, but if necessary, unfortunately, I find myself willing. Maybe I could just walk away or not even show? But now I understand the dancing shoes. There are many I chose to hold tight and embrace.  To dance with one more time.
27 April 2012 near Pineville

          It was in my youth. The spring of my life. I remember them distinctly. Hot August nights after the humidity of the day lay down and made the 80 degree nights cool, would they appear from,it seems, everywhere. I chased them by the hundreds, my cousins and I, placing them in glass jars upon their capture. The pursuit lasted sometime hours into the late evening until we piled up in fluffy beds covering ourselves with thick quilts as we fought the chill the attic fan turned the summer night into. I walk through the rest of my life remembering those days and occasionally seeing a few of those elusive objects. I think now how they left their mark in my memory from my youth as they danced in my presence by thousands. I sit here tonight wondering where they went and why there are so few of them. And will I see one again. Maybe some night in Heaven I may again pursue with my cousins the twinkling stars of pastures, the firefly or lightning bug.
Posted May 5, 2012 from Home

     My daughter Lindsay called me this morning and asked a question. Dad? Would you like to do crawfish at your house Saturday? Immediately I wondered if there were a trick somewhere in that question, but the idea of these tasty morsels quickly dissolved any misunderstanding of the question and I immediately bit. Of course, precious child! Even though my swimming pool is melting green algae at the ...present time I quickly calculated the amount of propane present at the location of the festival... So as we speak, somewhere either in pond or captivity, there are cretins of shellfish decent that will find their way to my house on this coming weekend day where the will meet their demise for my pleasure. Corn, potatoes (I still like Dan Quail), sausage and some other african-american tidbit my son-in-law introduces to the mix of scrumptious elixir! Oh yes... Turkey necks and legs! Just shut up if you haven't tried it! And I wonder why I'm 290 pounds!

Posted May 8, 2012 in Pineville, LA

              As I walked outside this morning to join the world I was surrounded by Mockingbird in Stereo! Absolutely astounding as the two exchanged their sonic harmonies and I could not help but think of mom and dad, long since passed. A sadness maybe? No. Actually a smile as I recalled the words of my mom when I asked her in the fifth grade, "What am I going to do when you and Daddy die?" She looked at me and said, "You go on living like everyone else does, now go and get your ass back into bed!" Sorry, but that was my mom's direct quote, but folks, I have done just that!  I pray that you embrace life and find your piece of Heaven here on this playground our God prepared for us so completely that even He rested upon its completion.

Posted 21 May 2012  Pineville, LA

           My river is calm. Reminds me of the hymn, "When peace, like a river, attendeth my soul." I look at the reflected colors of her peaceful existence and feel my automobile idle under me. What I can't control and what I can control... A harmony, equilibrium, peace. My soul is content this morning. I pray yours may be as well.

Posted 4 June 2012  Pineville, LA

          As I sit on my patio I listen as evening fades into darkness. My ever present mockingbird surrenders her vocals to the rising serenade of chirping insects and the deep throated croaking of amphibians. They seem to talk across the yard to each other and as darkness distorts my vision I feel again the harassment of the albopictus mosquito as they remind me it it time to find the protection of my home.... The sounds of nature and the clash of motor vehicle noises as tire sounds fade in their hasty pursuit of the drivers destination. Now darkness has consumed my day and the sounds of night is audible as natures dark sounds are just as different as what I hear from her in the brightest of day. The only consistent in both of them is the sound of man. I welcome the rest darkness beckons and look forward to the day the longest of nights will surrender to us. Until then, good night to those that are here.
Posted June 6 from my home in Pineville, LA

          The dark ominous clouds encroach upon my city from the north. Within her layers of mockingbird grays are hundreds of thousands of gallons of water aching to be released upon my area of domain? Amazing how our God can suspend above me the element of life in such unmeasurable amounts where I sometimes struggle to rise as another day is added to my 61 years. Yes, now the wind teases me. I must seek my river before rain begins. My place of solitude.

          There is a 60' flag the winds toy with as this front announces her presence. Amazing to watch the gray clouds move as if directed by some unknown force? The massive flag literally "pops" in this wind by the minute I feel the temps drop.

          I love this spot on my river! I will be quiet now as thunder can be heard. I want to be at peace with God as the first heavy drops began to fall.
Posted June 12 at Pineville, LA from IPhone.

          My bird sings to me every morning from the same place high on the electrical wires that furnish services to my neighborhood. My quail is back. To hear his Bob White call takes me way back into my past. The cooing of the mourning Dove. Is it depressing? As I sit on my patio and enjoy the sounds of life, the common denominator present in my evening songs and morning songs sting my ears with that rubber to asphalt Symmetry that is always there. Soon my tires will join that noise as I finish my blackberry flavored LIMU breakfast shake and return inside to get dressed. Monroe is on my schedule for today.

Posted June 16, 2012 from my home.

          My river is like a sheet of glass this morning and my 60' flag is motionless. Small insects and feeding fish disturb the shallows along the banks making small ripples. As my mind wades into the depths of her stilled waters there is movement unknown to us. At depths, where light cannot reach, there is unseen turbulence and currents steadily tearing and moving as her life sustaining waters moves steady toward her surrender to the great Mississippi. The White Egret lumbers in slow flight inches above the still waters as its wingtips gently taps the reflective surface. The Swallow's skim her surface for food to carry to their young hidden in nest in the massive bridge columns that support the spans of her depths.   Such beauty, such peace. That is what I see. But in her depths, there is turmoil as she moves toward her destination. That is what I feel.  Such is my heart as I move toward mine.
Posted June 21, 2012 in Pineville, LA...

I did not post the following on facebook as is the norm.  I have had a difficult week and an old high school friend has kept me company on the private messages of facebook.  Support, so to speak.  When I went outside this morning I sat down on my slide swing and wrote this to her.  It was me.  Pure me.  Nothing sad at all.  And it felt good.  Just simple reflections of what is there.  Do not yet know what I will do with facebook.  So many good, warm friends, but a thousand more distant and uncaring.  I need to worry about my mental health and nothing more.  Anyway, just this postscript to my dear friend.  Thank you Merilyn Matkins Breithaupt.

          I am sitting on my patio in my back yard. The sun has not topped the trees as I watch it's orange reddish glow blend with morning blue skies. My mockingbird is sitting on his favorite electric line just talking to me. Beyond my back yard is a pipeline and a scant 100 yards or so several acres of trees. A mourning Dove is cooing for me and bobwhite quail are near. I am tempted to run them up to hear the beat of their wings as they take flight. As I've often described in my ramblings, the asphalt sings in the distant as people direct there vehicles to a destination unknown to me. The sun has kept it promise as he now shines directly into my face. And I must finish my limu breakfast shake and blend in with the other sounds of asphalt singing as I head to my known destination. Thanks again for being here! This is different. It is good for me.

Posted June 25 @ 6:30am while sitting on my patio.

Sitting on the patio listening to my morning serenade from my favorite bird debating if I should share what is on my mind or not. Yesterday afternoon at 1904 hours my iPhone rings. It is my daughter-in-law. Yes, I still have numbers in my phone. Not a word from her in over two years. Yes, he is back in Afghanistan, again. And the reason I have not shared that with you is because he said the stories I posted on my blog about him were there to draw attention to myself. Another step back to accommodate him as I promised myself I would never post a thing about him. But, back to the call. Why would she be calling me? Only one reason. I could not answer the phone. I felt that panic mode. What should I do? Oh precious God. I just said "hello?". She told me who she was and I just said what's wrong. How bad is it. And the words "Is he is ok just came out."  She told me some sort of land mine or IED was exploded during a day mission and peppered him with shrapnel and of course the accompanying concussion. The phone call lasted all of two minutes. Medavaced from the battle field. Rested up and back in the grid in a week or so. Didn't want to come home as his unit is getting short. I thanked her for thinking of me and as Linda waited for the news, I turned to tell her and as I began to speak, I emotionally lost it right there in front of her and my mockingbird was no where to be seen or heard. The morning sun has touched my face as it rises and peeps at me through the trees and so it is time for me to part ways with my morning thoughts and get moving.  The people that I love so deeply that reject me for what ever reason does not diminish my love for them. I just stay in mourning. Now I must leave for work.
Posted June27, from my patio

Here are a collection of comments to this post I received over the next few hours.  It absolutely touched my heart.  Even if you know me or find yourself a casual reader grazing my blog, let it speak to your heart as it did mine.

Leona Price Cagle    Oh Rod I'm so sorry about your relationship with your son and his family. Prayers are with you and him. hugs. Can you imagine how Jesus feels when we only come to him when things go wrong or we don't talk to him at all?  May God bless you Yesterday at 6:39am · LikeUnlike · 1.
Sandi Shannon Woods    Rid Rod I am so sorry !!! Peace be with you .. Love ya my friend !! And prayers stay with you always!! Yesterday at 6:41am · LikeUnlike · 1.
Sheryl Hopkins Bell    I so thankful he is OK! Rod please stop being so hard on yourself you are a great father, he will come around!Yesterday at 6:45am · LikeUnlike · 1.
Sharon Head Angell    Rodney, I am so sorry. It is a sad situation when family gets estranged. We have a similar situation with Tom's brothers. It is heart wrenching to be sure. I am so glad he is okay, and I believe in my heart things will get better. Sometimes it just takes a little time and space. Our prayers will be with you and your family.Yesterday at 7:22am · LikeUnlike · 1.
Darryll Martin    Rod, I'm glad he is OK, but I can't imagine getting that kind of call. We were so fortunate that it was always good to hear from our son while he was in Iraq. I know it has to be even harder with the fact of him rejecting your love. But as you said, as a father your love for him does not diminish. God's love for him doesn't either. He is watching over him because of your prayers for him. God bless you brother and I pray that your son will come around.23 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Becky Gates Lockhart    Rod I'm am so sorry about your son..but glad he is OK ...As others said they are our children..your love never diminishes..he is part of you...talkin you can do is to continue live him and put him in Gods hands..pray for guidance and contentment ..hopefully he will come around..23 hours ago · LikeUnlike.
Pam Turner Nations    Wow what a burden children are. A welcome burden but none the less a burden. If we'd known in our youth what we know with age would we have had children? Of course. Think God thinks the same thing about us? Ha! Read the old testament! Think he loved you enough to give everything he had to get you back? Read the new testament. Whether we can see God's hand working or not, does not change the fact that he is always working. Do not think for a second that God is not using the warrior you raised in what we see as a thankless hell-hole. You can't see the day to day difference he makes in people's lives. You will never know the words he speaks daily that make a difference for eternity. Yes it breaks your heart that your relationship with your son is ripped. But God has asked you to trust, he has asked you to pray, he has told you that he has good plans for you. And that it why it's called "faith". Be still and know......trace Gods hand to where you are. He's not the one that keeps walking away from the master plan. I pray your heart be filled with joy today. That you are reminded why you're here for such a time as this. 22 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 4.
Mariglen Baxter Ledger    OMG just now reading this. I'm so so sorry!22 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Donna Douglas McLaughlin    Glad he's ok Rod and glad she called you. I understand panic mode when it comes to calls concerning our children.....we just love them so much. Praying your relationship with him is restored!!21 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Martha Durham Compton    I'm sorry Rod and I understand. Praying things get better for you. Glad your son is ok.21 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Debbie Rizzo    Well rod, I am so sorry about your son! But so glad it wasn't any worse! That's bad enough but to be estranged is unimaginable! Maybe this will be a sign of a change in the relationship...God will see you through anything so try to cling to that! 21 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.Sandra Borden I love you Brother!! Keep looking Up!!!20 hours ago · LikeUnlike.
Tracy Borden Whitaker    Dear Uncle Rod, You are a FINE man AND father.. and uncle and brother and husband and friend. None of us are perfect. Those who harbor unforgiveness towards you are missing out on the joy of the wonderful, talented, kind-hearted, sensitive, beautiful, courageous, incredibly loving man you are. I ENJOY your posts. I LOVE the way you share your heart. Your posts NATURALLY draw attention because they are usually written in the blood, sweat, tears, laughter, beauty and bitter sweetness of a wise man who has lived plenty years of a LIFE WELL LIVED ... which move us all. I am very sad and sorry to hear of your scare of yesterday's call. I am sad and sorry your son (my cousin) was hurt, but am thankful to God and glad he is okay. Your daughter-in-law was kind and sweet to call you. Hold on to the faith things will get better in time, Uncle Rod. God is able to make all things new. He is still in the business of loving, healing, forgiving, RESTORING ... what we thought was lost. I love you with all my heart and look forward to your posts every day. I am proud you are my uncle. I am proud your son is a US soldier. You were too. I salute you both. All of my love to you. ♥17 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 3.
Mariglen Baxter Ledger    Tracy, that was beautiful and so true. Nobody could have put it any better. Rod... please read this until it ALL sinks in.16 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Debbie Rizzo     I like what Pam Turner Nations wrote :-)16 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 4.
Debbie Rizzo    Wow Tracy! You have inherited your uncle rod's gift of words! That was beautiful and your uncle would do well to focus on your post!16 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 2.
Martha Durham Compton    Rod, Rod you have some very wise and loving people in your life...some call themselves family and some friends. They offer so much love and words of wisdom. Please listen to them. I know you as a very compassionate man, always offering comforting words to others so please listen with an open heart.16 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Tracy Borden Whitaker    Thank you.. but, he used to line all his young nieces and nephews up and gained our trust enough to get us to jump into his big, strong arms. He caught us every single time and it was a tremendous and completely UNFORGETTABLE adrenaline rush... especially when he added the twist of tossing us too near the doggy doo in the yard... now THAT part... begs its own forgiveness. (I LOVE YOU UNCLE ROD THAT STILL MAKES ME DIE LAUGHING CAN YOU SEE THIS?!) lol!... oh, that was too much!16 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Tracy Borden Whitaker    Maybe the above was inappropriate for the time. If so, I apologize... But that is just ONE wonderful aspect of my Uncle Rod, and I thought a little humor may be in order. There is a time to laugh and a time to mourn. I have found we can sometimes do both at the same time... It makes the mourning a tiny bit easier.16 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 2.
Tracy Borden Whitaker    Oh, tt won't let me edit.. I left off the most important part! Lining up on the ROOF to jump into his arms. This was no mamby-pamby event here.16 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Debbie Rizzo    P 15 hours ago · LikeUnlike.
Debbie Rizzo    I didn't mean p! That's hilarious and yes Tracy, that was a very important part about the roof, lol! You are very fortunate to have him in your life! And of course he wouldn't have had you jump if he wasn't sure he would catch you!!! 15 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Shana Martin    I'm sorry Rod. :-(14 hours ago · LikeUnlike.
Lana Martin    You are not alone..my sisters have drifted in and out of my life and their only niece's life for YEARS...the sweetest words come from hearts that are full of love and others, not selfish hearts, but selfless hearts...still think we should get together on some of the poems I have written and write away!!!12 hours ago · LikeUnlike.
Rod Ferguson    My dearest Tracy. Your words made me smile through tear laden eyes. There is a time to laugh and mourn and yes, you can do both at the same time as you helped me do today. Thank you for sharing your memories with me. Those are thoughts long archived that one in my state of mind can cherish when faced with times like this. It is good to know there are those that stick with you in the good times and the bad. I see that in you my precious niece as well as the many beautiful friends that have shared their heart and support.12 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Tracy Borden Whitaker    I cried hard, heavy tears of compassion and empathy for you today, Uncle Rod. I too.. have a grown son.. and well, you know. I cannot stand the thought of any parent being so broken hearted whatever the reason. Who would have ever thought we would have so much in common back in the jump-off-the-roof-drag-you-through-doo-doo-days? Not me. Life is hard and it can be cruel. It is also gloriously beautiful. Maybe we can help each other just learn to sit back and enjoy the ride wherever it takes us... but THIS time.... you jump to ME! I have a surprise waiting for you. Trust me. (WAH!).... (and your above post just made my eyes tear up with joy. I'm saving that one.) ♥♥♥12 hours ago · LikeUnlike.
Debbie Rizzo    Ok both of y'all are making me tear up! You two are lucky to have each other and your memories! :-)11 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1.
Bettye Crystal Bogue Jones    It always amazes me that MY memories of their childhoods are NOT their memories! Imagine that! My heart hurts as I read your words, Rod, and I know your pain although battlefields are not the same. Hope to get to visit with you when I am there the 2nd and 3rd weeks of July.11 hours ago · LikeUnlike.
Jo Otwell May    You brought tears to my eyes, we can only do what we can do...God is in control, remember that, no matter what we do our children have their own minds all we can do is what we know best and love them. I am so thankful he is ok, I have a grandson over there...it is scary, remember God is control....love you friend!9 hours ago · LikeUnlike

Will you remember me;
When the west wind blows;
Among the fields of barley?
And my day beckons.

Posted July 2 @ 0630 on my patio...

          My river. Calm. Peaceful. Invitingly cool from appearance. I look at her and I become sad as My thoughts prevail, so I must leave. I will return as there are to many good things my river has shared with me. Just not now. Not today.

Posted July 2 @ 0830 hours

          Happy fourth of July to those of you that choose to leave fingerprints on my wall. It just means there is an eternal bond that a short season of memories embrace over a lifetime ... It means you cared for a season... For what ever the reason. Memories that will never be forgotten. thank you. Happy fourth of July! I wish I could spend a week in San Antonio at the River Walk. Last time I was there was when my son graduated from Air Force Basic Training... Oh well... Maybe this is the week I could have been there again but someone else has taken my place... I remember sitting there with my son prior to 9/11 knowing my child was grown now. Not knowing his generations war was months away. I can never go back now. The truth is being defined in another generation as I begin to fade. Some one else will love the flower I loved and I will appear in an obituary on some page and that is the end. What was my legacy? Am I the only one that wonders?

Sandi Shannon Woods Happy 4th """. Enjoy the day !!! U are good !!

Pam Turner Nations What Sandi said! Stop doubting and start believing. Happy Independence Day-whatever that means now-a-days! I did make June's Red White and Blue Trifle for today! Yyyyyyuuuummmm!!!! I'd share if you came by!

          Unlike most concessionaire, I am back again at Sam's club for frozen foods. Couple thousand hot dogs and hamburgers not to mention chicken nuggets, cheese sticks and the infamous corn dog. What I am going to do is by for the poor parents of this seasonal state tournament as heat withers even Satan's demons! I will spike the adult beverages with vodka and pass them bud light in power aide bottles. Concessions should flourish and I'm sure the umpires will find a very animated crowd!

Posted July 5

          Well good morning Facebook world! I slept all of 4 hours last night and woke up with the stupid chickens complete with major chaffing on the inside of both upper thighs. Powder? Boudreaux's butt paste? I don't think anything is going to get me through this 14 hour ball park day without serious suffering.  And my Bob White Quail walks across my back yard and looks at me sitting on my glider in my drawers and flip flops. Do quail have heart attacks? I wonder where my mockingbird is this morning? Oh well. Let me go see how difficult it is going to be to wear jeans today.

          I am home. My 14 hour day was only 12 hours. I am tired, chaffed and plan to expose myself to my wife for medical attention and plain old attention. Pampering is out of the question because, because, because... Ok. Because I am old and a burden to care for. But since she might read this I need to shut up, get in the shower and hope for a little luck. Ha, Ha!!! I swear she is going to have me creamated and flush me down the toilet! But I'm home! Wait. Did you her that. Jose is calling my name. I hope all I love are safe!

Posted July 7 from home

          Utterly drab morning. Grey clouds hang over head and as I sit in my worn out glider on my patio, accumulated moisture drops on me from my roof. I also miss my Lilly-puss. This is the third morning I have not been awakened by her meows. I threw away her water cup from the bathroom sink while I was getting ready for work. One more reminder, another pull at an already fragile mental state. I'll miss that cat. There is one consistent. My mockingbird. He is a reminder that my God is in control. My prayer this morning is that all of my Facebook friends understand that and live your life.

Posted July 9 from home

          I am dressed and ready for work sitting on my patio with a half moon peeking through scattered clouds at me. A low flying Cessna makes its way to the east as the first sound of wildlife screeches from the woods across the pipeline from my yard. No sounds yet from my mockingbird yet, but the gates of dawn will soon remind them of a world they must entertain. Who will I entertain today? Will I make a difference in some one's life

Posted July 10 from home

          Do you ever know, when you sit alone and wonder that you just know? And that in reality, you knew it all along? Like the finality of death. We are the only living organism that knows our destiny. Yet still the choices we make. Now. With that in mind, Consider the cross. The word grace. When you sit alone and wonder that you just know, do you?

Posted July 10

          I'm just not here this morning. Literally this gray cloud that is physically over me seems to possess my attitude. My sister and both daughters told me their nephew and brother, Stewart,  this dead beat dad's son, is back home from harms way, and for this I am grateful. Lift me up today my friends. I have spoken to God about each one of you reading this right now. I must join the morning and establish myself.

Posted July 11 from my patio am

          I went to bed last evening at 10:30 PM. At 1:00 AM I was wide awake. I went down to the media room turn the lights on dim and took up residence in front of my 62 inch screen Sony. The sounds you hear in the quiet of the night in your living area are much different than the morning sounds i am accustomed and it dawns on me that some of the sounds can only be made by living things. As I lay prone on the couch focusing on the sideways television set, a streak passes by briefly in front of my blinking eyes. I know I am not in danger. This is not a predator to fear that is making more racket in the quiet of my morning darkness than my mockingbird makes in the morning dawn so the predator in me begins to stalk this uninvited mammal that is prowling my visual and audible space at random. long sentence I know, but anyway, it is not long before we come face to face as he gets more comfortable with my company. Within the hour he had joined me in the couch and within 15 minutes he actually ran across my foot. I smiled but also knew that had the foot he just transgressed across belonged to my wife, daughter or grand kids, it would have inflicted serious injury or heart failure upon them not to mention damage to furniture and other breakable items like the piano. I had to be the man of my house and put on my big girl panties so the trap was set. Two actually and at 5:57 the dull snap of the Victor trap ended my company.  Did you know the sound of the trap is different when something actually tries to take the cheese?  And I still have the trap.
Posted July 22 at 9:05pm

          Pam? (directing the post to Pam Nations) I have this neighbor that resents anything with more than two legs that could be classified as a "pet." I have lost two cats in the last three months with Lillypuss being the last to disappear... I know that I know, but knowing what I know is not enough to call law enforcement authorities or PAWS to levy allegations against a person(s) with a sick mind. Many pets have strangely disappeared in our "hood" over my tenure at this address starting in august of 1988, and now that myself and the one(s) I suspect of the heinous act are in the winter of our lives, I shudder to think where a confrontation with such a sick mind might lead as my mind too, has become less temperate with age. I simply choose to not have four paws walk across me anymore in the morning or a sandpaper tongue awaken me from a sound sleep when I do have that! And the constant motor of a contented purr can be replaced with ear buds and pandora Internet radio. As enticing as Deb Rizzo's offer of a very similar looking Lillypuss replacement cat was, my fragile personality begged off... Maybe if they move or I move? That was a dream of mine not too long ago, but just maybe, some VA center will let me have a cat in my last days? If not, maybe I can have a pet like the one in the movie "The Green Mile" and let it live in a matchbox...  Now, as I struggle to remember, what was that mouse's name? *smile*

Posted July 23 from my office at city hall.

          Many mornings I have shared my feelings with my facebook family about what I hear and yes, sometimes see in the early morning minutes before, during and after our sun illuminates the possibility of visual stimuli. For those that are unable to separate themselves from the warmth, peace and serenity of the bed, I often times think of you during this time and feel sorry that you are missing what I am seeing unfold before me. In the past few days, as the darkness of night began to reveal the beauty of the coming day, I would gaze into the eastern sky and focus on the planets Venus and Jupiter. All around them were stars that would slowly melt away as the sun became brighter, but yet Venus sits there so close and bright! Beyond her, as if a stair step was Jupiter, further away and smaller, yet just as bright and beautiful. Before the sun hides from my eyes the ocean of stars, it seems I could run real fast and jump to Venus. With another great bound step on Jupiter and then swan dive into the milky way of stars beyond them... Does it not take your breath away that our God is still creating a Universe that you and I can spend an eternity in?

Posted July 26 Pineville, La.

          The first time I ever saw the American bald eagle in flight was on US 65 between Branson, Missouri and Springfield. It was probably five or six years ago, and I hung out the window of our van and stared in awe at all of its beauty. Just a scant two days ago in the middle of the morning, I was sitting here at my river and observed above the waters and American bald eagle slowly flying up the river. As I sit here by my river this morning with the southwestern breeze caressing my face, I wish I could glance up and see him again making the slow flight I observed. I wondered if God had sent him just to lift my spirits as I have heard of, but never had seen an eagle in my lovely Louisiana. Some people would tell you, it is just another bird. I am here to tell you, the American flag is not just another flag.

Posted August 1 in Pineville, LA

       Comments made by friends about this post:

Martha Durham Compton: It's a beautiful sight watching one soaring through the sky. They have quite a few of them at Guntersville state park in Alabama.


Eugene Stamper: We have them on Cross Lake in S'port, Toledo Bend has several and near Houma on Bayou Blue...I'm sure they are all over La. by now and you are right...it's awesome to watch them.

Suzie Dupree: didn't know we had them in LA. How awesome!

Merilyn Matkins Breithaupt: Beautiful Rod....you have a beautiful way with words....

Leona Price Cagle: So true. Go ahead and soar with the eagles and leave the turkeys to alone. Have a great day Rod.

Eugene Stamper: Gmornin Leona, have fun Soarin'

Merilyn Matkins Breithaupt: Good morning Leona....Have a great day....

Debbie Rizzo: Good morning rod and friends! Very well put rod...glorious gift God had for you this am! Take it for what it was and be at peace today! Ordering my limu tomorrow!!!

Steve Smith: not just another bird is right. we saw one a couple of months ago in rocky branch on the Darbonne. what a site to behold.

Rod Ferguson @ Barbara, it is patriotism and symbolism tempered with the winds of freedom that stimulates a feeling deep in your soul that is most difficult to put into words. When your time comes, when you see this majestic bird fly for the first time in the wild, be prepared for a rush only you can feel. It is awesome. It was and still Is for me anyway.

"The perfume that she wore,
was from some little store,
on the darkside of town;
And it lingered on,
long after she'd gone,
I remember it well;

Who remembers this one?

Posted August 2, Pineville, La

          Beautiful morning on the north shore of lake Pontchartrain's. Linda and I got here late after a good Limu meeting in Baton Rouge. Kept poor Alvin up way past midnight but you never have time to catch up with someone as close as a brother. Think I'll go outside and watch shrimp boats slip in from their all night jaunts and visit with God.

August 5, North Shore Lake Pontchartrain 7:40 am

          I sit here by my river in a quiet mood. Little conversation is generated and fingerprints to few to find. I listen and can't hear for the noise and look and can't see because of familiar landscape. I guess this is when I should be still and know that He is God.

August 6, Pineville, LA

          Just yesterday I sat at my river and commented that I could not hear because of the noise and could not see because of the landscape. Two very real things many of us fall victim too as we become entangled in the mundane routine of everyday life?? I said I must be still and know He is God! This morning, I was awakened by the sound of thunder. As my eyes opened the flashing arch of lightning through the curtains covering my french doors immediately drew me to the storm(s) that blanketed Central Louisiana this morning. Out side the dark gray cover of rain laden clouds almost touch the tops of the tallest trees and the feel of natures air conditioning sends a chill down my spine. The air... So clean and fresh? What I am saying is thank you God for letting me hear your voice this morning and giving me a new landscape in which not only can I see you, but feel you as well...

August 7, Pineville, LA


          Well Facebook friends and family, It is 4:30. I've been here at the doctors office since 3 to see my urologist. First I have to TT inna cup and Then i'm stuck in a room all alone as to contemplate the pending medical examination or better stated, I sit here patiently waiting to be violated! Hmmm. At least I came prepared this time as I was warned six months ago what to expect this visit. Wonder what he is gonna think when he encounters my smell good powder? Good gosh. Sometimes I amuse myself!!

      And then my friends pile on!  They should have seen the text I sent to my wife prior to writing this!  I have never posted anything R rated, but considered posting that text.  Even as Linda and I read it hours later, I do not remember the both of us ever laughing so hard together!

Debra Plunkett Johnson: Laughing.

Becky Rebecca Woods Harper: Roflmbo !!!!

Becky Rebecca Woods Harper: Very easily amused too!!!!!

Merilyn Matkins Breithaupt: So so glad that it is you...

Jack Causey: ROD, You have just way too much time on your hands.

Rod Ferguson: TADA! Still heterosexual!

Merilyn Matkins Breithaupt: I am so releaved....I love you, you nut.....

Debra Plunkett Johnson: Hahahahaha. What a relief. You are so funny.

Becky Rebecca Woods Harper: Did the doc like your smell good powder???

Becky Rebecca Woods Harper: Was it cherry blossom ?

Rod Ferguson: Nah. It was some of Linda's stuff, but he did tell me everything felt good. Lmao

Becky Rebecca Woods Harper: You r one sick puppy!! Roflmbo

Lauren Maxwell Spillers: You are so crazy!

Betty Green Martin: You are a hoot!!

Debbie Rizzo: And glad everything felt good!

Posted August 8, from an exam room in the office of my Urologist.

          Amazes me the people that request to be your friend. Some of them you recognize from the last millennium yet many more from the most recent last century, and of course those you don't even know... Without fail, there are those that end up on your friend list that you never, EVER hear from... What is the deal, as all of us wonder? Let me see if I can help even myself understand. Thousands of footprints leading to and away from us constantly. There are some you can trace to your elevated world and see where their footprints end as they climb into your world for a defined period of time. They engage you for a season and then you turn around and see where they too, jump off and continue their journey into another dimension pursuing yet, another dream. Not as a friend or even acquaintance but a sad memory that you struggle to place in the archives of your mind wondering if they were someone you knew 10,000 years ago or not?? But yet they are still gone. Then there are those that are in your universe. You can count them as you do the stars and planets that make your world come to life. The everyday people known as the sun, moon, lightning and thunder, heat and cold of every given day. They are all there, and together they make the voice of my mockingbird more beautiful as they move in and out of my facebook world. And never fail to remember, that you never never know who visits you as you will never be able to identify which star among the billions, illuminates you more on a dark night in the absence of the moon. It is a harmony unrecognized to us, yet they still come quietly and look into our life. They want to see you, to remind themselves of who you were at some time in their past and just how you are doing. These people may or may not chose to engage you. I often wonder who they are and I appreciate it so much more when they leave a simple fingerprint they were here even for a moment. I think these things when I entertain purging my friend list. An ache deep in my heart becomes apparent as my finger hesitates above the delete key and I wonder, will it be another 10,000 years before I see them again and will it be the same face or faces I drew on a simple piece of paper so many years ago? Every person in our world is uniquely different as is every star God placed in his universe.

Posted August 14, 0800 hrs in Pineville, LA

          This is the time of the morning that is most beautiful when you gaze into her skies. It is also the time of day when you admit to yourself that some dreams were just a lie, some were impossible yet others are still obtainable. I am at that age however, to where I really don't care anymore because what is, actually is.

Posted August 21, Pineville, La

Pam Turner Nations posted to Rod Ferguson

August 22 near Claiborne, LA

          Are you still missing your mockingbirds? I know where they are! I just watched one pull a worm out of the ground in my backyard. There have been several lately.

     And I posted this:  

          Big difference. I see my mocking bird move in and out of the bushes and trees but again, not a sound. Comfortable afternoon to sit quietly and read and re acquaint myself with the person I once liked. Just wish my bird would sing to me before he rest for the evening.

August 23, My patio


          I am sitting at my river. Nothing but man made sounds as the sound of crossing vehicles make the metal gratings of the draw bridge sing while the faster speeds of the traffic behind me on the bypass emits an entirely different sound. In the south the sky is bathed in gray. 50% chance of rain the weatherman says of today? The brief refrain of my mockingbird and he falls silent by my river. Time to go to the office I guess. There he is again! Slight. But there.        

August 26 near Pineville via mobile

          Had a friend send me a couple of articles about why my mockingbird is silent. I see them everywhere but they are just not singing! This evening I heard the "chucking" sound of my resident bird and smiled at the information I received:  The baby birds have left the nest and parenting is done until next spring and the dog days of summer, as we call July and August, actually quiet most "vocal" songsters. Ancient Greeks called it the dog star or Sirius which is a bright star that rises with our sun in the morning hours of July and August. Quiet on my patio. Mosquito's are active on my legs and the half moon is smiling at me. Issac is still moving and modern meteorological science has alerted people I love of the coming storm. My heart is disturbed this weekend for some reason as I reach out to individual friends.        

Posted 29 August Pineville via mobile

          Resting now. At 9pm I go out and ride the duration of the storm to make sure main arteries are open for public safety purposes. Should be an interesting evening and through the next morning. Hope all of you come through this trial favorably. Let me hear from you tonight if your up storm watching. Think I'll take my duct tape with me. Who caught that one?

Posted 30 August at 0600 hrs near Pineville via mobile

          Well, this is the strangest storm I think I've ever experienced. If you look at the weather channel radar you will see Alexandria/Pineville sitting in the middle of the state with green rings of rain all around us. Hardly any rain or winds at this moment and even had a couple of joggers just pass my old nursery on Susek Drive. I'm wondering if we are going to stay in the eye until this plays out? Very strange. Except for a few blown transformers nothing has happened here.

And morning revelers add:

Lydia Hernandez Blades:   Consider it a blessing nothing has happened. Hope you get nothing more than light rain.

Rod Ferguson:  Well Lydia, if what has happened so far is an indication of what is to come, then light rain it will be.
Lydia Hernandez Blades:  Friends in Monroe are getting strong winds I hear. Bless their hearts. I don't miss hurricanes.. That's for sure !!

Teresa Chapman:  So far I'm not impressed, Rod Man. Am hoping the best is yet to be... at least for little old me. C'mon, man, this is a hurricane! (I know I'm being selfish, but I think you know where I'm coming from....)

Rod Ferguson:  Teresa, of all of my friends and former friends that have moved on to younger and greener pastures, I know exactly where you are coming from!!

Rod Ferguson:   The safest place to be in this storm is near or close to me! Unscathed!

Llen Trichel Urban:   Take care & hope you can get some rest today. How is the knee ?

Teresa Chapman:   Sorry for your sake, but thankful for others near you. I have a friend in Alexandria that I've been worried about, but so far do good. Seeing the devastation on TV... water up to the top of the 2nd floors in some homes, etc... makes me feel guilty for my obsession. But it is who I am, and being a rare occurrence for us in NE LA, bring it on! (Have a good day, storm or no storm! : )

Rod Ferguson:   I know your heart is stimulated like mine by the low pressure that accompanies the pending "unknowns." I do know your obsession does not contain malice as your eyes scan the Sky's with anticipation.
August 31 near Pineville

           Ok facebook friends and family. I am going on a mission trip this long labor day weekend to Slidell, LA. My first cousin, or better known as the closest thing I have to a brother that is related to me, lives there. His business survived the storm relatively well, but he has not been to the north shore to see how his home weathered. Neighbor called him and said a large tree is resting against h...is house and the storm surge took out the bottom floor of three floors. I spoke with one of his best friends a few minutes ago on the telephone, and he said just invite myself as we (my cousin and his friends) could always use more help in getting things back to normal. Question is, do I go on the goldwing or in my 86 vette? I will keep those interested, posted! This should be a blue moon I can remember without dwelling on what could have been!

     This thread that was generated while enroute to Slidell had over 89 post.  Some of them were funny if you care to engage everything.  I am sure I will edit out some of the boring stuff.  All in all I found it entertaining and besides, its my blog...  LoL...

Debbie Rizzo:   Well, my friend, i would probably go in something thats a little higher off of the ground that your vette and not the goldwing, in case it rains again...but then again, i consider myself pretty practical...lol good luck! be careful!

Sandi Shannon Woods:   Mini van!!!!

Debra Plunkett Johnson:  With all the trees down and deep water in places probably neither one is safe. However, the vet is awfully low and may drown our or be unable to cross over branches. Whatever you choose, be very careful. My Yukon can barely get through around here. And it's a tank.
Rod Ferguson:   What about gasoline down there? Anybody heard if it is available???

Rod Ferguson:  I'm asking questions and getting back to your answers because I'm trying to hurry to get out of here...Feel free to interject your knowledge, ideas, concerns as I visit here often for info...

Debra Plunkett Johnson:   No problem getting gas here. Part of I-10 is closed between BR and NO.

Sandi Shannon Woods:   Take gas cans !

Debra Plunkett Johnson:  It's under water. Don't know how you go.

Debra Plunkett Johnson:   It's raining again in BR.

Debbie Rizzo:   yep...gas cans; call state police and get info :).

Rod Ferguson:   I'll go to BR and across to Slidell on I-12.

Rod Ferguson:   Is that rout passable? Alvin told me I-10 traffic coming by Bayou Country in and out of new Orleans is steady. I'm leaning toward the goldwing. Rain doesn't bother me, I can negotiate traffic much better than in a car and would. It suffer long in case of an accident! I think the high water is bearing heavily on my decision.

Lydia Hernandez Blades:   Be careful.

Debra Plunkett Johnson: You should be ok on major roads. Be careful. Some water is deep.

Linda Prescott Rowley:   I am praying for you Rod and Alvin too!! Y'all be safe.

Becky Rebecca Woods Harper:  You be safe!!

Rod Ferguson:  Thank you Linda Prescott Rowley! I will tell Alvin. Everyone Linda is my first cousin in south Mississippi. She doesn't speak to me in public too much. Still trying to get over me swimming in my Under wear when we we're kids!!

Martha Durham Compton:   Be careful whatever you take!

Rod Ferguson:   Probably just Xanax, Martha!

Sandra Borden:   I love you brother, be careful and tell Alvin I am thinking of him. I have thought of him often lately. I recently heard about him losing his Christine. Hope all will be ok for him again soon.

Martha Durham Compton:   Rod you ain't right in the head!! lolL

Linda Prescott Rowley:   I am so upset - did Alvin lose Christine? I knew she had been very sick but thought she was better??

Rod Ferguson:  She passed in may, Linda.

Debbie Rizzo:   So Rodney, did you already have your mind made up on what to take down there? And are u on the goldwing?

Paige Renbarger:  he is on his way in vet

Rod Ferguson:   My own daughter ratted me out!

Paige Renbarger:  u still love me

Rod Ferguson:   Out of my sight, mostly!...

Rod Ferguson:  Well, what I did not tell you all was this. I am driving the Corvette to Slidell. What you didn't know was that Linda is following me on the goldwing motorcycle. I told her that if it started raining really hard if we could change places.

Rod Ferguson: We have passed through a couple of serious rain showers but she just kept driving because I could not see her that well behind me. She has pulled up beside me a couple of times and indicated that she was very hot and wanted something to drink.

Rod Ferguson:  Goodness we are not even in Baton Rouge yet and already she is whining. I know it gets hot on that motorcycle between showers especially when the sun is shining directly on her. I figure if I could do it so can she. After all she's had five kids!

Rod Ferguson:   Oh well, we are still a few miles out of Baton Rouge and if I drive the motorcycle I can't text or talk on the phone with friends.

Rod Ferguson:   Maybe we will change up there.

Debbie Rizzo:  You are SO NOT RIGHT on SOOOOO MANY LEVELS! Lol so actually Linda is really following u in the van so if your vette gets flooded out, you can just load it up in van OR you and Linda are both in van cause I know you make her drive so you can fb! :-) be careful!

Rod Ferguson:   Punya? Can't believe rizzo is the only one that bit!

Debbie Rizzo:   Imagine that rod. I told you I was gullible...:-p  And at least I didn't believe Linda was on the cycle...:)

Linda Case Ferguson:   Hey! Debbie, I'm sitting at home laughing at Rod's imagination. Seems it runs wild at times.

Rod Ferguson:   What? YOU TURNED AROUND AND WENT BACK HOME?? Well no wonder I've not seen you! And you have the preparation H in your purse!! DANG IT!!

Mariglen Baxter Ledger:  Rod, are you and Alvin gonna play with guns again this time? :-)
Rod Ferguson:   Still think I could do one of those commercials!

Linda Case Ferguson:   Ok, I'll just e-mail it to you...it will be there when you get to Alvin's.

Rod Ferguson:   Raining and heavy traffic out of Baton Rougdoin I-12. Thank goodness I can get Siri to tell people what I'm thinking. Well almost what I'm thinking.

Mariglen Baxter Ledger:   Thank God for small blessings.

Debbie Rizzo:  Hey Linda, maybe you'll get a rest while the buzzard is away! Lol !.

Rod Ferguson:   Getting close to Slidell. Even though it is dark I am beginning to see the devastation down here. Alvin just called and told me that I was not going to be able to get in to his place of business in my Corvette because of high water. He told me how to get there so there is not going to be a problem. Large billboards along I-12 have been torn to pieces. He said there is a curfew in Slidell and for me to be careful when I came in. Sure hope the police is courteous to concealed carry permit holders. Be a heckuva note to get shot to death coming down trying to help out my cousin. Lol! Like I said. Tomorrow's daylight might reveal more than even I anticipated. Tonight is a blue moon. This is the second full moon in the month of August. Go out and make a wish on it if it is visible. My goodness. It seems the closer I get the heavier my heart becomes.

Rod Ferguson:   Rizzo calls me a buzzard? I just can't believe that. Lol. Linda is use to me being gone on long weekend holidays. Now that I'm to old to be a "playa" I have to give her some space by volunteering for mission trips. A buzzard? Goodness. Wait until after I teach you to shoot before you run off, Rizz.

Rod Ferguson:   Looks like the moon is trying to peep out at me. I remember the last time I saw that moon full like this coming to Slidell. That was the weekend Alvin and I were playing with guns and almost shot ourself.  Maybe that's an omen, Ledger. Lol.

Debbie Rizzo:   Haha what if I already know how to "choot"?

Rod Ferguson:   Oh crap problem with the Vette.

Debbie Rizzo:   Told ya to take the van... Be safe though

Rod Ferguson:   Dear God. That boat does not belong there! And it is dark!!

Linda Case Ferguson:   Vette is fixed. He added break fluid so clutch is working again. This happens occasionally.

Rod Ferguson:   I am in a curfew area and that don't belong here but no one has stopped me yet. I say where I am supposed today. At least by you country has lights. I am here for you.  That was Siri talking.

Rod Ferguson:   Bayou country has lights. I am here. Vette is fine. Had to add some brake fluid to the clutch so I could shift. 

Debbie Rizzo:  Well if you had more brain power you would've taken the van... So does that mean you are at your cousins? and thanks Linda, for the car info cause I was a little concerned...:) I didn't want to have to jump in my suv that is somewhat higher! Than a vette and rescue your hubby!

Debbie Rizzo:   And rod, buzzard is an endearment...but not if I say "old buzzard" lol

Linda Case Ferguson:   Rod is at his cousins...his cousin Alvin owns Bayou Country Store and they are staying there.

Rod Ferguson:   Brain power is why I can't win friends and influence people longer than 18 months. Well, actually not that long!

          As we sit here and ponder the day, Alvin tells me he wants to rest today. The days of serious hurricane prep before Issac arrived. Then the landfall! Three days of taking a beating? Who can rest during a time like that when a storm is beating you to death?? And the constant clean up since the weather departed. A lot has been accomplished and more needs to be done, but today he has said enough is enough. So we will rest today. I have asked him twice. Define rest?

Sunday September 2, Slidell, LA

          My good news... Laughing... To me it is beautiful... To many it will be a let down. But when my doctor looks at me with a look of bewilderment and ask me, "what are you doing, and is this really your blood that we tested," my heart jumped with joy! I have waited 4 months to find out the truth about a product I have been taking religiously since the second week of May. Here it is. My blood sugar or A1C is no longer in the diabetic range! In February of this year it was 7.3 and my Triglycerides registered 283. My cholesterol was 188... As my doctor looked at me in amazement he revealed to me that my A1c from my blood test the 31st of August was 5.8! My triglycerides were 161 and my HDL Cholesterol up to 38 from 23 with my LDL registering a neat 83 up from 53... My risk ratio was moved from 1.89 to 4.03 and for the first time in my adult life he actually cut my diabetes medicine! Folks... My answer to his, "What are you doing" is nothing more than LIMU! My health is better now than it has been in years because of one product, LIMU Moui!! He did tell me this stuff would eventually kill me, in about 100 years! Laughing... And yes, even my doctor asked me for information... It is your health! Your decision...

Tuesday, September 4, Pineville, LA

My baby sisters screen porch faces east just like my patio.

          I'm sitting here with Emmy Lou the prettiest little Shi Tzu listening to nature talk to us. My sister is at the gym and Paul just left to play golf telling me there are a lot of Blue Jays but no Mockingbirds that he knew of. Well, guess what is entertaining me as the sun peeps through her trees and caresses my face? This time I don't have to be anywhere until noon today! Can't remember where that is though! Dang!

Friday, September 7, Swartz, LA


          Sitting on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain with my cousin Alvin and Debbie Rizzo watching and listening to the urban world come to life before us. Something about this place that calms my heart and gives me a sense of peace. If left unattended in conversation, hardly not a friend I care for doesn't cross my mind at times like this.

Saturday, September 8, Slidell, LA

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 (11 years after) in Pineville, LA

             Lest We Forget?

If every sound audible to me at this moment were to fade away, what exactly would I hear? My mockingbird is remotely heard in the tree line but everything else is urban clutter. I yearn for the peaceful solitude of the Ozarks, I think. Another season knocks on our door, yet I gauge my season by my river. She moves as always and never changes. But I have changed. And I do remember exactly where I was eleven yeas ago today.

Rod Ferguson posted on Jerry Breithapt's Wall:   He was just out of High School and was home visiting after completing his training in Air Force Special Ops, Tactical Air Control Party... We sat on the edge of my bed watching unfold before us a clearly defined objective for his generation. I heard him say, "Your right dad, my generation too will have a war to fight." And the other tid bits of information about the unveiling of 9-ll-01 floats in pieces in my short stories of my blog and still compressed in yet to be revealed emotional trauma(s) in my head... I love the America that got me to this day but I am saddened that her core base, the huddled masses yearning to be free, is now the unionized standards of wanting something free...

      A new twist to name and identify the song.  So many times my friends would simply "Google" the phrase I would put down and it would instantly take them to the artist and the name of the song.  This, I thought was a little more challenging...

Posted September 13 in Pineville, LA

          Every morning you have the opportunity to serve breakfast to your loved one while they are still in bed. With your favorite foods you place each morning on a small plate a leaf of herb next to a slice of orange. When anger or bitterness finds discontent in the heart of the one you love, what would you place the next morning next to your orange slice? As a peaceful rest consumed their night knowing the task that lay before them the next day, what might you select from the garden to place upon their plate the next day to give them the power and strength to get through it? If you looked into the eyes of your lover and saw doubts of uncertainty in either of us, what might you find for them to ingest next to your slice of orange that would convince them of your love, fidelity and dedication to them? And lastly, if that person were a great warrior, judge of man, or a strong prayer advocate as they petition the Great I Am, what could you feed them that would give them the courage to carry out what is in the deepest depths of their heart?

This is a different "twist" to a beautiful song. What is the name of it as you answer the questions I've asked.
The Answer? 
Parsley is the herb that takes away bitterness, Sage is the herb that gives one Strength, Rosemary is the herb that promises faithfulness, love and remembrance and Thyme is the herb that gives one Courage...

Takes all of these to kindle a lasting love... Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme were the Herbs sung about in Simon and Garfunkle's Scarborough Fair to give her lover everything he needed to accomplish the impossible task she is asking of him...
Posted 18 September in Pineville
Sitting here at the barn of my old nursery with the windows down on my car. Peaceful morning as the sun begins to break through scattered clouds. I have spoken to I AM of my friends in need, the one in surgery and those who have lost loved ones, as I sit back in my thoughts. It is from here I gaze into the wooded acres toward the back of my property and focus on the first signs of fall as the sweet gums abscission joints weakens as to begin the seasonal discoloration of her leaves. All kinds of birds entertain me from the depths of the woods. The crow, jay bird and mockingbird vocalize their dominance as a gust if wind scatters ever shedding water oak leaves across my car. A coolness in that breeze as if maybe the first kiss of a coming fall? I know this to be true as the daylight shortens but I would like to think it is a reminder from my Creator that He heard my prayers? Now, just where in my subconscious mind would that thought come from had He not put it there?

Posted September 20 in Pineville

          Beautiful here this early AM hour at my river. Condensation rises in puffs of white clouds from her warm surfaces as the cold seasonal airs of fall force change upon her. On both sides of the river I hear my mockingbirds both fussing as well as singing as a bass boat with two people races down river. Glad I am in the warmth of my car.

Posted 25 September at my River 0630 hrs

           My river is closed totally in with fog this morning. Sitting on her banks I cannot enjoy her beauty as only the brightest of lights penetrate the thickness from across the river. Even my birds are quiet as the heaviness of the thick moisture presses against you. Maybe some find security in the thickness of the fog. Am I secure there? I think not. I prefer to stand before my horizon, see what God has created and to enjoy the limited breach of my visual abilities. Where I may find protection from hurt and pain in the fog, I will never reach my full abilities hiding there. So what ever my fear, it will come to pass!


Dianne Strickland Smith:   Your river?

Rod Ferguson:   The fog is just a deterrent, a barrier so to speak of what the day holds for me. I remember how I would get caught up in the fog of everyday life and dwell there in that cloud of uncertainty. Simply not worth it Barbara... To much out here to embrace and I have a lot to take in before I am physically unable to do so any longer... Pat? Love your post... This too, is yet another day our Lord has made and I plan on rejoicing and be part of it.

Rod Ferguson:  Yes Dianne... My river. Just as they are my stars and He is my God... I have taken possession of what is visually presented to me every time I've ever parked there. But as with the galactic display created by an omnipotent God that I claim as both mine, I willingly share...

Dianne Strickland Smith:   You don't have to share, it all already belongs to everybody.

Sandi Shannon Woods:   Dianne don't think he was saying it was his to share ... I think he was saying that he hopes all that can see the things he sees can share with him in it .. And Rod shares all his utmost thoughts with us so he is sharing his soul!!!

Debra Plunkett Johnson:   I love the way you refer to it as "your" river. Just as it is your tree, your fog, your sky, your wind, and your God. We all feel the beauty of nature around us but you have such a way of putting it on a personal level and connecting. This invokes in me a greater appreciation of God's visual gifts, as well. I thank you for "sharing" and inspiring each of us with your insights and lovely postings.

     This has not been the first time I feel like I was "attacked" by this person.  I refrain from negative comments as both Sandi and Debra substantiated so clearly my intent in sharing my "soul" and trying to connect on a personal level with the readers of my post.  Thank you, ladies... Now, as to the aggressor?  Am I reading this wrong?  If so I do apologize.  However, I must agree with your assessment that I do not have to share.  I do however chose to share and since it obviously bothers you that I do share I must disrespectfully dismiss you from my facebook page since you obviously do not have the tact or graces to remove yourself.  I am sure there may be others to follow your untactful approach of disproving of anothers words.  They too, will follow your path of dismissal.   Wondering if anyone actually reads this???  Guess not.

Posted September 29 from the vicinity of the Alexandria Mall

          I have been duped by my WIFE!!! I jump out of bed, wag my tail, bark and puddle the floor because SHE is taking me to IHOP for breakfast!!! Down the road I've got my head out of the window smelling the rain and barking at passing cars when she casually informs me we are going to the mall because SHE needs some clothes!! I don't need clothes, she needs them. She does not need me so why did she trick me into going?? Somebody stab me!! I could have eaten egg rolls and pepper jelly for breakfast and sipped cool aide but now I'm going to the MALL!!! Aaaarrrrggggggghh

      Simply cannot enjoy this without the input from friends!

Debra Plunkett Johnson:  Hahahaha. Laughing so hard. This is too funny.

Pat Hall Carruth:   Enjoy the mall!

Kimberly Ridge Good:   You know you love it.

June Thompson Overstreet:   U such a lucky man!!! LOL

Teresa Chapman:   Devious wife. I knew I always liked her. : )))

Rod Ferguson:   I am too old for this abuse! And she knows it!!

Kennard Williams:  Lmbo!
Pat Hall Carruth:   Go with it! Much easier that way!!!

Bettye Crystal Bogue Jones:   I hate it when that happens! I feel shanghied when I end up wasting precious time waiting on somebody else when they should have just gone and done what they wanted without me.

Rod Ferguson Exactly Bettye!! But! She feeds me, washes my bowl, gives me fresh water, washes and folds my clothes and puts up with all my opposite gender ways. It's the leash around my neck and her dragging me through the mall that I can't stand. Last time we were there at the mall, she drug me into Victoria's Secret just to appease me! There I stood in what a scant 20 years ago would have been heaven thinking, my gosh!! This is what kids wear!! Doesn't cover up nothing. See why I want someone to stab me?

Pam Turner Nations:   Some days are so hard. But you'll look back on the experience and realized it made you a stronger puppy. And strong puppies grow up to be real dogs. LOL!!

Barbara Ryals:   hysterical Rod sounds like your wife has it going on!!!! lol

Rod Ferguson:   She locked me in the van and rolled up the windows. If I were a real dog, Pam, someone would call the police on her but not an old man. She walked off mumbling something about attitudes not worth catching or something along that line. I screamed through the rolled up window, "how long ya gonna be?" She pointed a finger at me and gave me that look! And yes, it was that finger.

Pam Turner Nations:   My gracious. I think I'll go to the mall. Might be fun in a rainy day.

Rod Ferguson:   It is amazing. I sit here looking pitiful and people won't even look at me! I know they know I'm here because their kids are staring at me as they walk by!

Pam Turner Nations:  They have no obligation/responsibility to deal with you if they don't see you. Therefore no eye contact! Creepy huh?

Rod Ferguson:   Some of the younger kids point and say, "mom, look at that poor old fat bald guy! Should we let him out?" And they get yanked by the arm and mom walks a little faster toward the safety of JCPenny front doors.

Rod Ferguson:   Oh yes. Eye contact. Forgot.

Pam Turner Nations:   Well, there you go!

Rod Ferguson:   Last time Linda looked at me invoked a response.

Pam Turner Nations:   Well she can't help it. She's already personally involved.

Becky Rebecca Woods Harper:   Lol this is just too funny Rodman !!!

Rod Ferguson:   But Pam you are correct! There are interesting people that walk in and out of these doors.

Pam Turner Nations:   That's the biggest attraction at the mall! The people! Every last one of them has a story attached. Let the writing begin!

Bonnnie Delaney:   All this is too funny - Love it - ROFLOL!!! have a great Saturday - Get him Linda !!

Rod Ferguson:   One little kid walked by staring and I made an ugly face and the kid starts crying. Mom looks over and glares at me and I casually look away as to avoid eye contact. Avoiding eye   actually works.

Rod Ferguson:   Think I will take off my shirt and see how long it takes the police to respond to naked white male in white van in the west lot of JCPenney at the mall?

Rod Ferguson:   She has done it again!! Drug me into Eye Masters to get her eyes checked!!! I should have smelled dead fish before I bailed out of that van but here I sit in the bowels of this mall while she is in some outlet looking FOR SOMETHING ELSE TO WEAR!!! I'm fine. Really. There are strange people walking by me. Big, little and short and small with some passing close enough to smell their perfume.

Posted October 1, 2012 from my River Perch...

          Stepped out onto my patio with a bag of garbage and 60 degrees of drizzling rain highlighting my senses in the pre-morning darkness. It was eerily quiet too. Almost like I was enveloped in a room of cotton bales? Strange. I beat a hasty path to my river to find she is doing well. Her steady journey down stream is consistent and the warmth of her waters still give off tufts of vapor appearing as clouds along her surface. The cooling winds that help distill her depths is blowing faster than she actually flows giving her the appearance she is moving much faster than she actually is. My mockingbird calls to me from across her depths as the Gates of Dawn give a gray tint to the cloud cover over me. There is peace in my heart this morning in a very troubled world. Maybe I can slow down enough to leave those I interact with more happy! 

Posted October 5, 2012 from my River Perch...

          Peaceful, punctuated with beautiful finds my river perch this morning. As the Gates of Dawn releases the night from her assigned duties I am greeted with the same urban sounds, wildlife awakening and the familiar sights I see here every morning. They left the lights on in the high quarters of the drawbridge?  I found that strange as a drunken black male sings to the river and applauds his talent with shouts of obscenities between the verses. Started to bath him with my spotlight from across the river but decided not too. If by chance he were to find his way to the source of my spotlight I am not so sure I would not be tempted to introduce him to another more eternal source of light. Think I will go to my office now.

          Interesting exchanges occurred as a result of this post.  Let me share some of them.

Sandi Shannon Woods:  Good thought '. :). Don't hurt a animal :)!!! Have a great day !!!

Llen Trichel Urban:  Morning Rod, be careful where you aim that spotlight... you may encounter more than you bargained for ... LOL


Martha Durham Compton:   I saw my first ever crab spider on a rose yesterday. I was fascinated by this white spider as I had never seen one but it reminded me of a crab. I had to google it to find out what it was.

June Thompson Overstreet:  Morning, Skunk! Enjoy your day!! Sounds like you've started off good!

Rod Ferguson:  Martha, I don't know why, but for some reason I can see that white spider sitting on a red rose. Nicely placed in my mind. I often wonder if His creations could look up at us with a gifted mind if they would gaze upon us as we do the universe... Think of words like eternity. Infinite. We know these words in definition, but yet they cannot be resolved in our soul because we simply cannot understand the depth of an infinite eternity. Yet as the unnoticed white crab spider, there we to simple exist and are noticed by yet a handful that chooses to 'google' us until we are refined by our Creator and called home?

Martha Durham Compton:   OMG Rod it was a red rose too!

Martha Durham Compton:   I have white , red and 2 shades of pink roses but it was on a big red one.

Rod Ferguson:   We all have the color of a rose in our hearts. All of us experience the interaction of circumstances but few of us let those circumstances speak to us. When we take the time to observe and listen, then a whole new world could be revealed to you.

Rod Ferguson:  I often times ask the question, "what do you see,' but they hear, 'what are you looking at," never looking into the heart of the question for the real truth that could be revealed to them. Does this make sense? Maybe I should just shut up and get back on my political tirade... LoL

          She is 60' x 30' in size and in the pre-dawn morning as I sit on my river perch the wind helps her sing to me with "pops" and an occasional clang on her 100' metal pole. Good morning fall!

          She is difficult to see as I turned off the flash.  But you can see her stripes if you take the time to find them.  Even almost obscured, she moves my soul.

Posted October 8 from my River

          Cool 43 degrees this morning. Mother Nature pulls yet more warmth from the waters of my river as again tufts of white clouds walk slowly across her stilled surface. Still to early for my mockingbirds to start their morning serenades.

Posted October 9 from my River

          Low overcast at the airport and VFR pilots in their experimental aircraft chose not to risk flying in this soup. Those that came in yesterday along with those like myself and grandson that drove are enjoying the festivities. Hickory smoke and charcoal pleases the nose and piped in bluegrass music fills the void in the absence of aircraft engines. My grandson and I are enjoying the smell, sounds and gentle breeze blowing in off the lake! A typical lazy Saturday.
Well, after the airport I take the boy to the indoor range and put some rounds down range. Got to admit it always pleases me to teach someone to graduate from wasp spray!
Posted October 13

          The peaceful serenity of my river is disturbed this morning as a medical helicopter sets down at the heliport of Rapides Regional Medical Center. My river is like glass and the air is fresh following last nights heavy line of thunder storms that scrubbed behind our ears. Trauma usually define these early morning med-flights, and for some reason I'm focused there. God recognizes unknown pray and it will certainly help whomever was in that helicopter.

Posted October 15 at 0615 from my River

          Well Facebook friends and family! Let me share with you the excitement of running a DAYCARE in my own home! Lets see. Linda has an upper respiratory infection with the sinuses teasing to join the parade. She coughs all night and gets little rest. Paige informed me 30 minutes ago she thinks she has strep throat?? She was at the emergency room last night wit the soon to be 4 year old Katie! Diarrhea and throwing up diagnosed as a serious bacteria infection. Paige displays the same symptoms at the emergency room last night. Gabby, soon to be 1 year old, is just getting over what Linda has and last night, she too,  was throwing up.  Ashton, the soon to be 7 year old woke up throwing his guts up. Oh thrills. Take a guess who doesn't have a sniffle?!  Should I sleep outside with everything down wind or accept the fact that the last to get what's passed down suffers the most?  I have never suffered from germafobia (sp) but taking medicine home, at lunch, to Paige and her three sickly babies clustered in that big room, I felt the germs consume me screaming "Fresh Meat!"  I wonder if I could sniff alcohol and drink hydrogen peroxide?  I'm too old for this! I've raised my children!!!
      So your wondering how my facebook friends took this news???
Lindsay Williams:  Mckinzi has been throwing up all night too!

Rod Ferguson:   And folkses? Mckinzi is my beautiful 12 year old granddaughter that stayed at the Ferguson Zoo all weekend!

Rod Ferguson:   Well, guess I'll be cleaning my toilet sometimes this week.



Pam Turner Nations:   Have mercy Father! I am so sorry for ALL of you. But Sandis right. Write write write!!!

NonaLee Ledford:   That Tequila may keep it flushed out. :-) Just sayin'

Rod Ferguson:   Oh, lil sis, don't think that is not crossing my mind! All this puking and squirts going on last night while i was trying to eat a corn dog. I took them out on the patio. I wanted to run out screaming but I was afraid God my light me up with one of those lightning bolts that hug around most of the night.

Merilyn Matkins Breithaupt:   Sending thoughts of good cheer to you.....

Sandi Shannon Woods:   Nona dont think he has enough of the TEQ to nurse all lol.. and if he drank all that was needed to ward off those evil bolts he talks about we be picking him up off floor LOL.. think he needs a vactation and soon :)

Rod Ferguson:  Good cheer? I'm thinking suicide!! I don't want this stuff. This is right on schedule, Merilyn to ruin my weekend!! Grrrrr

June Thompson Overstreet:   Good afternoon! Don't worry! You too much a skunk to catch the crud!

Sandi Shannon Woods:   ok where did u say where and what you are doing this weekend ?? :P)

Rod Ferguson:   I hope your right June!! I'm supposed to take my flu shot tomorrow!!

Merilyn Matkins Breithaupt:   Maybe the tequila will kill all of the germs....at least they will have a good swim....

Herbert Otwell:   Put a lime in the coconut and drink it all up...

Lee Palmer:   that which does not kill me makes me stronger.......

Jerry Breithaupt:   Rod I have to agree with June and Nona Lee, you are probably to ornery to get it, but in any case the Tequila might help, although I've always found a good straight bourbon to work best for me......

Rod Ferguson:   **wondering if I can sneak anything stronger than 40 proof into the house without Linda Killing me???**

Rod Ferguson:  **Or is this her plan to finish me off early??**

Posted October 15 from home

So, here we go. Clean blue towel on the Lysol scrubbed floor for my knees. Small towel on tub for the cold water on back of neck. Seat down??? That was Linda. She apologized but said the clean toilet just sucked her in. Necklace off. Mustache trimmed back. Nothing on my stomach.

It is from here you need to read my short story "Idiosyncrasies" to understand what is actually taking place.  I must prepare for my coming illness.  Sometimes Linda will help me prepare by sitting the things necessary to clean my toilet bowl.  Sometimes, time permitting, I will gather them myself which was the case here.  Remember now, in that short story, I stated that "Illness perceived was eventually illness achieved!"

So, here we go. Clean blue towel on the Lysol scrubbed floor for my knees. Small towel on tub for the cold water on back of neck. Seat down??? That was Linda. She apologized but said the clean toilet just sucked her in. Necklace off. Mustache trimmed back. Nothing on my stomach.

And of course selected friends had fun with my pending illness...

Sandi shannon Woods:   u hire out?
  • Barbara Ryals:  absolutely I need a maid sooooo badly you only have to clean every other week
  • Barbara Ryals:  hey rod I'll even do the bathrooms for ya

  • Rod Ferguson:  Somebody just kill me.
  • Rod Ferguson:  It is ready! Everything is in place. All I need is another labor pain!!
  • Barbara Ryals:  hysterical
  • Lydia Hernandez Blades:   LABOR PAINS ???? 

  • Pam Turner Nations:   Looks ready for action!

    Barbara Ryals:   this is really a production for you huh?

    Barbara Ryals:   So glad you put the seat down I am a raving maniac when someone leaves the seat up!!! lol
    Rod Ferguson:   Actually my older sisters and mother taught me that at a very tender age! It is called abuse now, but Linda is the beneficiary today of the brainwashing I sustained as a kid.
    Barry R McCain:   Rod ole lad, post photos of your mocking bird, not of toilets. What is it with women, they can not figure out how to let down a toilet lid? It is not rocket science, you would think they could cope.
    Rod Ferguson:   Oh, I know Barry, but i find it quiet easy to go with the flow on this particular subject. I have this soon to be 7 year old who's mother is teaching him the "proper" way to "urinate!" Toilet seat up, feet apart, comfortably balanced on the balls of both feet and in his small statute, knees against the toilet bowl! You have any idea how powerful this child's bladder is?? Well, needless to say, most of it is caught on the raised seat which is left raised when he finishes... Some times during the night, ole fat Poppy Mufasa stumbles into the dark bathroom and feel from thousands of trips to this spot to take care of BPH symptoms and promptly sit down on the cold toilet and dip into the coolness of the waiting pool! Barbara? I so understand... I do want to kill this kid, and his mother for putting me through this! That is MY bathroom... NO ONE but Linda is authorized to change a damn thing!
    Barbara Ryals:   My son was taught properly and it probably caused him a lot of nightmares after I threatened- Barry lid being up is a real sore spot for me I was about 8 months pregnant and I got up during the night and did not turn on light so I wouldn't wake anyone up my then husband had left seat up and I fell in and almost couldn't get up!!I let everyone know how I felt about seat being up-put themmmmm down

    Rod Ferguson:   When momma's unhappy, everybody is unhappy!!!

    Debra Johnson:   Omg. You are so funny.

    Lydia Hernandez Blades:   Such a nice clean purty potty picture !! hope it stays that way !!

    June Thompson Overstreet:   U preparing it in expectation of u getting sick? Hope not!

    Rod Ferguson:   One set down and another round is coming June. Chills now.
    June Thompson Overstreet:   U have chills? U getting sick? Hope not! How many rounds to get the whole house?
    Rod Ferguson:  I hope I'm the last one June. I am sick now.

    Bettye Crystal Bgue Jones:   poor baby
    Posted 19 October from my home

              Sitting next to the East end zone of the old OPHS Stadium knowing confidently that the very tree that shades me now was here 44 years ago. The things that stir in your mind from the last millennium calms my assurance that regardless of the changes I see, nothing will change. It is as it is.
    Posted 20 October in Monroe, La

              Stepped out of my door onto the patio this morning and parted fog as I walked to my car. Dark and very quiet as I drove to my river. As I approached her banks it seemed the fog got heavier. Sitting beside her she seems calm. Her surface is nearly obscured by the heavy mist but yet the reflection of lights from across the river defines the width and depth of her possessions. A mockingbird trumps his cheerful existence reminding me yet again of God's presence in my heart yet holds close to the branch he sings from as sun has yet to raise this curtain of fog. I feel His comfort this morning.

    Posted 24 October at my River

               This one has been a long time coming. Finally put the finished editing on it and would like to share it with you.. Please understand this is a departure from what you have read in the past, so please read the introductory paragraph and understand it before you engage the story...

    Posted on Facebook 26 October

              Let me try this without Siri. Just as I suspected, this cold, late October morning. The ambient temperature is actually colder than the warmth of my rivers water. As a result , I am greeted by good morning vapor tendrils from her depths. A Full moon is dipping between the spans of my drawbridge which renders a picture perfect site this a.m. The wildlife is quiet as the 'gates of dawn' paints her colors into the darkness so I guess they could not find their long johns? I anticipated frost on the automobile this morning and to my surprise it was not there. It is coming though, I will be patient! Good morning dear friends, new and old.

    Posted 29 October from my River

              Yes, tonight is my night. I sit the motorcycle next to my wife's van, so as the children make their way slowly to my door for their treats, the suspicion of of tricks must bounce off their minds. As soon as I hear "Trick or Treat" I press the alarm FOB to my gold wing which just three feet from the gathered children, the lights flash brightly and the horn honks twice!! As they turn to look while screaming at the motorcycle they think is going to eat them, I jerk open the door and holler at the top of my lungs "AAAAAAHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" The older ones run over the younger ones who can't run because they are peeing on themselves, and tonight I have this arm that came off an old doll I think I will place in my mouth and see who will get close enough to hold out a bag for me to put candy in! Yes... I enjoy hollering night...
              Had a wonderful time scaring the kids tonight! Enjoyed my grand babies dressing up for me and getting loaded down with loot! Told them to ask for double so they could split it with me or else I would pull their bed outside while they slept and let the coyote's eat them!  No wonder Ashton wanted to sleep with Linda and me?  Lol.  Anyway, those that came last year remembered the terror I struck in their hearts and those that were first time visitors this year will remember my house next year. My dad would have been 94 today! It is great to remember him in such a fun way.
    Posted 31 October from home

              The harvest season is slowing to an end now as the moon slowly dims as she bows to the first week of November. Tomorrow will be my last day, for a couple of months, for me to sit at my Rivers darkened banks and watch her colors come to life as daylight savings time will end this weekend. How many seasons are left as I crawl into my mental capsule for my decent into my next year of life? I do not mind the passing of time or the loss of my youth. I simply look at those running parallel paths along side of me and see still a beauty within them that I pray they see in me as well. Friendship. Is that not beautiful. And the seasons will change yet again until there are no more for me to experience.

    Posted November 1 from my River

              Funny how sometimes you can be sitting alone and sadness will wash across you like an ocean wave races across the sand.  As I close my eyes and sit back rationalizing the moment, it almost seems like sea water as it filters into your mind rearranging your thoughts as it does the millions of pieces of sand on the beach into an acceptable profile before it races out again. I sit here and think, "Thank you, God!" And that memory becomes less and less of a stumbling block as I leave footprints in the fresh sand in search of happier times.

    Posted November 2 at 1345 hrs

              A few months back, I sat on this very patio and took a picture of the sun as its early rise first broke through the branches of a crepe myrtle tree in my back yard. I have it posted on my wall, actually. But tonight, through the branches of the same crepe myrtle tree, the moon rises and gently kisses me on the cheek. It just seems like I remembered it further the other way? Darn... I know what I'm seeing, but I am struggling with what I remember? Just enjoy it Rod. Accept what you cannot change and embrace the memories..

    Posted November 2 at 2230 hrs on my Patio

              Well, it is different. From years of annual experiences, I awakened for the first day of work after falling back into daylight standard time fully expecting to find a full daylight welcoming me when I walked outside. Where tick of a clock dictates our comings and goings, it does not affect my Mockingbird as he fussed at me when I walked out with a bag full of garbage, simply because he thought I was an hour late. My flag is responding to a stiff easterly wind, yet is still beautiful under this gray overcast morning. As I listen to patrol cars going into service over my radio, I look at my river and wonder what secrets are hidden in her depths. Why do I desire fried catfish for breakfast? Go to work Rod, it is way to early to start that.

    Posted November 5 from my River

    Sometimes during a prolonged period of trial and waiting, similar to what we experience in a Presidential Election season, I run across things that make me flat out angry. Immediately, I close my mind and nothing will change it, come hell in high water. What happens then, is I ask myself, am I being fair to not only me but those I directly influence as well, ie; Wife, daughters, extended family, friends, etc… The best way for me to open that door is to reach out to someone I respect and invite their thoughts to intermingle with mine. Don Crawford graduated a year ahead of me from Ouachita Parish High School in 1968. He has his on private business in Texas and we recently became re-acquainted this past year on Facebook. I had seen an exchange between Don and another of his friends somewhere and felt pressed to tap into his thought process on the subject of “Presidential Politics.”

              Here is how it went down:

    Don... I was a democrat once because my parents were. After Vietnam defined our generation on two different levels, I came back from Alaska and registered as a republican. I watched the doves of our generational peers flock to Clinton and the hawks embrace "W"... I look at myself today, as you mentioned on your post the other day and sit here disturbed at our choices, and gratefully acknowledge in my mind that knowing where we have been these last four years is not what I desire for another four! Given the change I desire for this country, I'm afraid the choice I made last week will fail just as "W" did given the same chance. I do not think there is a leader among us that could take the bull by the horns, defy the legislative branch and guide this country back onto the path our founding fathers laid out for us. My humble opinion? The constitution of the United States of America was breathed into the minds of our founding fathers much the same way the first five books of the Bible were breathed into Moses. Divine inspiration. This is where we as a society have failed. The moral thread is broken and yes, I’ve played my part in its demise, as most of us that breathe have. So what am I saying? I will still vote and cast my ballot for one over the other of the candidates given us that more closely resembles the way I think and feel. From there, I ask my God to forgive me of my failures that I continue to make and know I am closer to that "time to die" than from that "time to be born." This election to me is based more on "what he can give me vs. what he will take from me" more than anything else. And because of that, it boils down to an issue of race. How wise for Satan to weave this circumstantial decision in the faces of those of us who "are called by His name?" Consider me a fatalist if you please. We have had our chances and let me quote from one of my first short stories; "But still we gather our treasures and pick with glee from the tree in the center of the garden that was forbidden, as our “culture” redefined the ten rules that binds civilization." There it is. A price to pay. You are my friend, Don. I hope I’ve not offended you... Just felt God laid it on my heart to share this with you.

    Rod....first off you have never offended me. Do not worry yourself over that. I have enjoyed our replies to post and exchanges. I wish all of my FB friends had your sense of fairplay and humor. Your sense of humor is what drew me to want to know you better. As to your comments above...I agree with all you stated. I do not say that because I am a people pleaser....with me, it is really more the opposite. By that I mean if a person disagrees with me...I am comfortable with that as long as the person does not become arrogant or denigrates downwards into name calling and abuse. We as a nation have somewhat lost our direction. Can we regain our moral compass? To that I would have to look at biblical prophecy...and whether we are in the end times spoken of in the bible about eschatology.

    Rodney, If we are...there is nothing we can do about...it is God's word...it will come to pass.

    Don, that is my major concern. If it has come, how will I deal with it until it passes? Thanks Don for your response.

    Rodney, My thoughts is that time is very precious, but we do not know yet how precious it really is. We will only know when we are no longer able to take advantage of it. Live life generous in every way, God in the wise economy of his providence teaches us how we should be prudent about the proper use of time. He never gives us two moments at the same time. He never gives us a second moment without taking away the first. And he never grants us that second moment without holding the third one in his hand, leaving us completely uncertain as to whether we will have it. In older the wise leaders learned the wisdom of having only two days on their calendars: today and that day (the day they would be with the Lord). If we want a heart of wisdom, we will learn to live each day in light of that day. When we daily remind ourselves of the purpose for our sojourn here on earth, we will cultivate an eternal perspective on time; and it will influence our work and all our relationships. Hope this helps my friend in your sojourn of life.

    Beautifully said, Don.  Now, was that not wonderful food for thought?

    Posted November 5 around the noon hour

              All my grass is cut evenly, pine straw ground up Into fine little copper pieces and oak and gum leaves added to the loamy soils of my lawn. All the dust? On every crack in my body! Should be an interesting supper. Linda said I will eat outside and if I don't want my nosey neighbor to see me necked, I will Wait until it gets dark to come in. Cause she dared me to try like I stand!!! I did not consider it a threat. Just a stated fact! She does and says stuff like that with such conviction. Now, two things on my mind. How many leaves have fallen on my freshly cleaned lawn and do I want to aggravate my neighbor?

    Posted November 5 from my patio

              Beautiful morning for an early morning drive from Pineville to Winnsboro. In the absence of time and calendars, if you drive cross country in the state of Louisiana, or any state for that matter, it is very easy to define the seasons. The farmlands Have yielded their bounty to the farmer and lay barren on this cold morning between harvest and Thanksgiving. Here in my part of our lovely state, the yield was generous to the tiller of the soils as weather seemed to bypass our harvest season. As my morning journey finds its way past the tired delta soils, I can't help but notice that some of these fields have already been plowed under by the caretaker as to let the last seasons remaining plant materials decay and replenish expended nutrients. I also know that if I were to park my car and walk across the turned under fields to the distant wood lines, I would find tracks of wildlife a plenty. Most recognizable of course would be that of the whitetail deer. This beautiful creation has no timepiece nor does it abide by any calendar. Yet just like me it knows this season all too well. That season between harvest, Thanksgiving and beyond.
    Posted Novermber 18 as I passed through Nebo, LA on my way to Winnsboro

    My river is like glass this morning. Reflective. Good morning Facebook friends. May our God bless each of you this beautiful day.

    Almost every time I pull up to my river and stop, it seems like a different personality is speaking to me just from the way she presents herself. I know it sounds sorta strange, but her personality, when I look upon her, sets the tone for my own demeanor??? Laughing. OK... Guess I am losing it, but there are times like today, I wanted those that care enough to visit my postings, to see what I see. There are times, I just can't describe her...

    Posted November 20 from my Office.

              As I awakened this morning I pushed my foot across the bed and touched my wife's foot and expressed my gratitude to God for this wonderful gift he blessed me with 28 years ago. I took a deep breath and embraced the fact that I have my health as I remind myself there are turkeys to fry and other things to accomplish before we sit down and enjoy the fruits of a free nation. I am also thankful for every set of eyes that track these sentences. As the intended secrets of this message is revealed in the mind of whomever is reading, I hope that a warm smile forms on their face as they (that would be you) realizes how much your friendship means to me as I grow older. Even though we all continually flail at the inconsistencies of differences unresolved, let us embrace the peace within our souls and be thankful our Creator still finds favor with us this day. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this day of our Lord, 22 November 2012.
    Posted 22 November from my bed on my IPhone

              I am sitting on my back patio watching a full moon compete for my attention through a translucent sky! The perfectly rounded satellite sets perfectly in the co-dominant division of a long leaf pine and gazing through the tree with my eyes the entire shape of the tree is actually highlighted by her light. Such beauty. Diagonally across the sky behind the tree, at altitude, is the contrail of an east to west airliner as if a chalk mark across a blackboard. And as if to put a period on the picture, low in the eastern sky, one of my planets I have yet to identify, joins in the celestial stroll across the Heavens. Go take a look...

    Posted 26 November from my evening patio

              Once again my yard has been exorcised of the fallen of falls leaves and pine straw. I sit on my patio covered in the dust generated by my power mowers dessication of leaf matter and am reminded that "fall" is still with us. Still too many leaves remain high in the earth plants they were grown to support as they continue to fall around me and on my freshly cleaned lawn. My patio is again gathering yet another collection of fall residue. Seasonal reminders that the days grow shorter as yet another season knocks at my already aging door. I must sit back in my contentment and watch the earth tone colored red oak leaves slowly spiral to their final place on the ground as it too, contributes to the circle of life we all participate in. They are joined by gum tree leaves, crepe myrtles and the golden rain tree. It is the pine needles that are forced to a more direct path to the ground as they fall in bundles of three's missing the lift of teasing winds because of their weight. Yet still, the beauty of fall. The imprint of the hawk against a white cloud floating peacefully in a clear blue sky reminds me of my desire to gaze into the blue eyes of a precious child in a field of blue bonnets. Yes. I am at peace. If I were just a distance further away from the sounds of man. Just for a while though. Just for a while.
    Posted December 2 from my patio

              With everyone posting pictures of fallen Christmas trees and pet stories around Christmas time, I felt obliged to share one of mine. My favorite cat, Scrunch, had kittens about 15 years ago. It was the first time in several years Linda and I decided to put a real tree inside of the house for Christmas. Linda toiled at the tree for what seemed like hours putting the best she had into it, complete with all the shiny balls and tinsel, just absolutely beautiful. The lights were the finishing touch. We soon retired for our evening rest and how we missed it, I'll never know, but when we awakened the next morning?? We found three kittens all up in the tree with broken balls and lights all over the living area. A cat tornado consisting of three kittens literally destroyed that tree and I was surprised it was still standing. When we walked into that part of the house those kittens froze like raccoons and just stared at us with happy faces. They were so cute and even started meowing their pleasure at our arrival! Linda wanted to squeeze each one into another world with her bare hands. Her previous afternoon of tedious bliss was absolutely destroyed! I started laughing so hard I had to sit down. It was the funniest thing I had seen in a very long time. As my wife was standing there on the verge of tears looking at her destroyed Christmas tree, only thing I could see was the loving glow of kitty cat eyes and faces saying to us, thank you for the tree! It is so much fun and because you loved us so much to give us our own tree, we want you to know we love you, too. The picture said it all! It was like those three kittens said in unison, "we now know what Merry Christmas means!" When I told Linda what I was thinking, she too, burst out laughing! The only down side of the story is the fact Linda made sure these three little kittens found new homes long before Christmas Day!! Come on folks. There is nothing more fun that a pack of kittens...
    Posted December 3 from my office.

    I couldn't help but bite this one.  I came home on the afternoon of the 5th of December with every intention of going to the Casino in Marksville with Linda to eat seafood, especially my favorite, the crab legs.  Around 4pm Linda asked if I was ready to head out and since I had something to do at a friends house around 5:30 or so I asked her if it would be ok if I grilled steaks instead.  She readily agreed since she was a touch on the hunger side, so while they were grilling away, I posted:

    Nothing like the smell of steaks grilling over charcoal.

    And it was here that my friends started commenting:

    Mmm Mmm you are so right.
  • Yeah, when it's at my house.
  • Do they come out like mine???
  • Yours are hard to beat Allen! I am getting the urge for a good one from your house.
  • Sure wish I had some!!!
  • And then a friend in Georgia posted this:
  • yessssss....nothing like poisoned charcoaled-up meat...i love it, too!

  • And I simply could not help myself...

             Poisoned Charcoaled meat? LoL Let me reflect here... The carbon footprint looms above me. Ready to stomp out my remaining life. I am told the water I am drinking will consume me with particals of unsurmountable ills if I continue to drink from the fabled fountains of cooled waters in public buildings. I fill up my vehicle once a week and inhale deeply the fumes from the gasoline despite the warnings forbidding such acts. I contribute to the fertilization of the grasses that poisons the growing beef whos life is taken by man just before cardiac failure leaves them rotting in some pasture so his poisoned remains may be divided into parts that feed me. From the depths of the Mesizoic Era is dug tons of carbon bits we turn into a slow burning fuel that tenderizes the raw meat into a platable taste we yearn for, seperating the civilized man from the savage. Let those that chose, eat their Veggie Tale hero's like Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Ma and Pa Grape. I too, will join the masses in feeding myself as I choose as we usually all end up self destructing mostly between the ages of 70 and 80 as in the Days of Moses. I will look down from what ever universe I dwell and remember that just this side of pro-creation??? Preparing and partaking of Steak was just one of my most favorite pass times...
    Posted December 6 around mid day from my office.

    Often times I talk about the Gate of Dawn awakening the darkness at my river and the sounds of traffic across both bridges that share my mornings with me. In my rear view mirror the 167/71 by-pass bridge that intersects I-49 as well as the collection of sunlight that accents everything. My drawbridge is before me as beyond that Alexandria responds to the touch of color. My river and everything about her is beautiful and peaceful. The Blessings our God gives us everyday from a sleeping grandchild as you leave your home to the song of the mockingbird as he too, welcomes the coming day.

    Posted December 14 at 0730 hrs.

              Pre-church breakfast at McDonalds in the middle of a thunderstorm. Two unbrellas, two adults and two grandkids age 12 and 13.  My wife gives the large umbrella to the kids in the back of the van and looks at me.  Well, since she has the small umbrella, I know better to even ask, so I exit the vehicle and run across the parking lot, seeking shelter under the buildings overhang from the falling rain and turned to watch the show unfold behind me. My wife opens the door and extends the umbrella outside the van, opening it, then stepping gracefully under the protection of its cover. The van door slides open and my brain damaged grandson opens this huge umbrella inside the van making it impossible to get out. My ever patient wife, standing in the pouring rain with her smaller umbrella trying its best to keep her impossibly dry, has elevated her voice trying to get him to shut it so he and his sister can get out. So interesting. I am at distance to this rainy entertainment grinning from ear to ear, and no one knows I'm kin to them. Yet. 

    Posted December 16 at 9:45 am

    1 and a half hours of sleep and I'm wide awake? This is soooo not fare. Ok. Into the kitchen for hot chocolate? What will make me sleepy???  Rattlesnake republic disturbs something deep in my soul. Why do I sit here eating peanuts and watch this stuff?

    Well, there I wuz at 2am this morning sitting in the media room in my drawers and tee shirt sippin hot chocolate and eating peanuts watching these fools catch rattlesnakes! Every time that camera got close to a coiled snake and it struck at the camera I had a knee jerk reaction and either dropped peanuts or got hot chocolate on my tee shirt! I'm sorry, but since the snakes divine curse is to crawl on its belly and bruise my heal, I literally find it in my divine nature to bruise its head. Personally I chose to do that with a load of shotgun pellets... I know its says to bruse its head, but overkill with the spawn of satan in my humble opinion, is authorized...

    And then I dwell momentarily on the emergency procedures for a snake bite...

    Yup... and they say if your ever bit, remain calm??? Yeah... What is the slang for feces??? If my heart didn't come to a complete stop once I realized his ass had clamped onto any part of my anatomy? I will physically out run any ambulance to the hospital... NO ONE wants to be between me and a hospital if I were to get snake bit... But not to worry. Just thinking about it makes my heart palpatate... I'm sure it would be instant death... Probably a "messy" death as well. But thats ok... Thats the funeral homes problem...

    Posted December 18 at 2:00 am

              Dang!! Sure is purdy here this mornin. *yawn*. Too much noise from the big bridge this morning. I can't hear anything but traffic static? I remember sitting in the mountains overlooking Anchorage so many years ago. It was so quiet. So far from the sounds of man, yet spread out below me as I gazed down upon the lights of that city so many years ago.

    Posted December 19 at 0630 am from my River

              It is making its way into the psych of our children. We, of course laugh, but lets face it. In Godless Merica, why not implement this to cut federal and state social spending? In the Drudge Report today: Belgium looks at euthanasia for minors, Alzheimer's sufferers... And then: France considers 'accelerated deaths'... No doubt my kids would flush me down the toilet. And my dream was to "live long enough to be a problem to my children!" Ah, the swing of the pendulum. 

    Surprised only one of my friends even posted a like to this.  The others must live a life of total denial.

    Posted December 19 at 0810 am from my office

              The following three post were made through out the day of December 21st or the winter solstice as the day predicted by the Mayan Calendar that our world was going to be destroyed.  I just couldn't help but contribute my facetious slur to this rediculious notion.

    What a beautiful day for the world end.

    We are into the 17th hour of the 21st and we are still alive. I think this just might work out yet!!

    I SURVIVED, I SURVIVED, I SURVIVED!!!! Now I can go to sleep.

    Posted December 21 through out the day at 0800, 1700 and midnight from my Iphone

              Well, I'm sitting in the van in the parking lot of one of several strip malls in Alexandria while Linda makes one last sweep for Christmas gifts. I am pleasantly contented sitting here as I just left Pet Smart where I got to meet Angie. She made eye contact with me and started these strange purring sounds inside of that cage she was in. An occasional "weak" meow was translated into a pitiful "take me home with you, fatso" plead as I caressed her fur through the metal squares that separated us. I thought back to Lilly puss and Scrunch before her and that internal debate kicked in. I mean every man desires this affection so what can I do to protect her from that one neighbor??? Linda will be out soon to take me home. I am wondering if I could apply more catnip to keep her from scratching on that plastic sack I have stuffed her down in. I need some more duct tape to keep her from scratching out. If she doesn't settle down, Linda is going to hear that racket and let the cat out of the bag. Dang! What is that awful smell??
    Posted December 22 from my Iphone

    Now I lay me down to sleep;

    I pray The Lord my soul to keep,

    If I should die before I wake;

    I pray you Lord my soul to take!

    May Your blessings find favor with every Facebook friend that has and will be a part of me. Help me Precious Lord to be an encouragement to those I can and forgive me with those I have failed.

    Posted at 2:30am on Dec 23 before going to sleep

              Well, it seems like my day has been defined by Ms. Linda. As she prepares to scoot off to work this Christmas Eve, I walked into the kitchen and find the vacuum cleaner and something called a Bissell sitting out for me. As I prepare my oat meal I hear these words. "I need some help!" Knowing better to say a word, I think to myself, "but I'm on vacation!" After you vacuum, she continues, put this on the end of the vacuum hose and get around and under the baseboards. Now she wants to show me how to use a bissell?? Hey, should I even think, that's her job? Oh well. I get to nibble on peanut brittle and peanut fudge all day. She knows I'm diabetic and have allergic reactions to peanut butter! Go figure. At least the Mayans didn't kill me.
    Posted Dec 24 at 08:30 am just as Linda is leaving for work

              The sound of burning propane blasting against my 30 quart aluminum cooker eliminates all other sounds from my peaceful Christmas Eve afternoon as temperatures hover around 70 degrees. It appears winter will arrive with a vengeance sometimes Christmas Morning thus prompting the frying of my 27.12 pound bird a few hours early as to accommodate the weather. Sasha sits in my lap contented since there are no grand kids present to terrorize her and Linda is injecting the bird for a good simmer in the 350 degree grease. And just a three day ride since the winter solstice, I've yet to notice the days are getting longer nor have I heard my Mockingbird sing. He does sit on the wire and watch me, but he is quiet. This is good I guess. We are all still here. Merry Christmas from Rod and Linda Ferguson. Yeah, well and Sasha too!
    Posted Dec 24 at 15:30 hrs on a beautiful afternoon!

    My oldest daughter, Lindsay gave me a very nice LSU hoodie for Christmas. When I saw the price tag I was pleasantly surprised as well as concerned and commented. She told me she got an excellent discount on it that I should not worry. Then I tried it on!! Does anyone see this "discount" she is talking about or is this a complimentary broach?

    This is the fun that started after I posted this picture:

    ~sticky fingers lol !!! Be careful taking that thing off it might explode .. Heard they were stopping sticky fingers :)))

    ~Too funny!


    ~It's a complimentary broach saying 5 finger discount.... LOL

    ~what ya gonna do?

    ~Rod Ferguson:  Wear it around the house I guess. Lol

    ~Looks like a "five finger discount"!!!!

    ~U could help her return it :)

    ~Lindsay Williams:   Lol I paid for it!!! I have the receipt right here. It didn't set off the alarm at the store or the other 10 we went to after we bought it!!! :( I'll bring it back tomorrow and have them take it off. I handed you that one on a silver platter. Should've taken it to the car before you thought about taking the picture.

    ~Kennard Williams:  I was wondering where she got it from I didn't notice any extra money spent for all the extra gifts. But now I can put 2and2 together.

    ~Lindsay Williams:   Don't add fuel to that fire Kennard Williams!!!

    ~Rod Ferguson:  And here I sit as the recipient of a nice Christmas gift trying to explain my not guilty plea of accessory after the fact to receiving stolen property.to some Judge.

    ~Lindsay Williams:   I give up!

    ~U so baaaad! She tried so hard to please and you so mean to her! LOL

    ~Merry Christmas Rod! Be thankful your daughter thought enough to get you something. No matter how she got it. :-)

    ~Rod Ferguson:   I am honored. Best gift I got and that stinking Kennard has his fingerprints all over this "theft" thing, I would remind everyone! My big girl has the receipt and is going to have the tag removed before the cold weather really hits!! Lol. But baby girl, you did, just like you said, hand me that on a silver platter! I love you, baby!

    ~Lindsay Williams:  Love you too, dad!

    ~Just don't go into a store with it on before it is removed! I have had the same deal when traveling.

    ~I smell Skunk.  I should have known better than to get sucked up in this!

    Posted December 25 at 19:00 hours as soon as Lindsay and Kennard left to go home.

              You see, it is this kind of weather that makes me crave specialty foods. Specialty foods made in big pots like Gumbo, Chili and Red Beans and Rice. So far this year I've been treated to all three of these wonderfully filling delights introduced however in rather small size offerings that last no more than two days. One that I deliberately omitted in the previous list has yet to be made this season... and I am craving deeply. Vegetable Soup, made from everything in the garden! Now, the problem for me is the lack off real butter beans. Lima beans, big, little and short and small are NOT butter beans. I am talking about those big ole spotted, colored and gray butter beans that God made for hard working men! Does anyone know the ones I'm talking about? I want a well seasoned Vegetable Soup with chunks of beef and hamburger keeping those big butter beans company as I scoop up my hearts desire of delicious soup, spoon by spoon, complete with crumbled cornbread! Where can I find these butter beans??? I want to hurt myself just a couple of times this winter season before the Daffodils flower. And yes, in one covered and well mulched bed, I saw the first leaf of hundreds of planted bulbs, breaking ground .

    Posted December 27 at 1900 hours from my home

    2012 has ended like 2012 began. In an LSU loss. Really up and down year for me, but regardless of LSU football, it still ends and a new year will beckon!  A year of 2012 Facebook post culminates with this final entry on this last day of the year.  I am sitting in my media room next to my best friend of 30 plus years watching LSU and Clemson in the Chick-fil-A bowl, while five of my grandchildren meander in and out of the room at different volumn levels.  I have mixed feelings as I say good bye to 2012 as the highs of the past year compete with the lows and at any given moment any of the stored memories can enter my mind and alter my mental equilibrium…  What I do know, is that every year, I sit in this same time frame feeling sorry for having to say goodbye to another year, yet excited I am able to go into the New Year with both physical and mental health intact and functioning.  Let me introduce to you that know me well, just one of the highs I encountered today.   Met with my son, Stewart, over at the old barn at my former nursery and visited with him for about 45 minutes or so along with my best old friend, Mickey.  In that short time, the three of us were able to catch up with little pieces of the unknowns of his life that I have heard so little about.  If you have read this far, you  know I received a call from his wife about him getting hurt in Afghanistan earlier this year.  With that in the back of my mind, I found out, that in four weeks of this posting, he is going back to Afghanistan with another Ranger unit.  God willing, upon his safe return from his 9th venture into harms way, he tells me he will give up the Ranger Fraternity and take another step up the ladder of national defense in a position even more cloaked in the unknown.  But we were able to visit for a short.  In the back ground is the old barn that remains from my nursery and landscape business.  The place I told him his papaw passed away.  My best friend took this picture.  This young man is my son, of whom I am very proud and this picture proves his old man is getting old.  Good bye, 2012 and thank you my friends for staying with me!
    Posted December 31 at 22:00 hours from my home.