Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rod's Reflections for November 2015


          Welcome to November.  Just as I figured, my day is starting off a little on the attitudinal side.  I kind of thought it would, because I once again woke up to drizzle and another heavy overcast day. My first collected thoughts of this new day were my last evening's concerns about this five star administration's revelations to the American Public that there would be "boots on the ground" in Syria.  Oh really?   Only those that hold me close in their hearts and prayers understand the reason why this concerns me so greatly.  Despite my heavy concerns at the day's beginning, I ease into McDonald's, noticing a sign on the door of "employment opportunities available for every shift." Rounding the corner, I am greeted by brand new faces never before encountered, along with my regular morning greeter of the last five years or so, who on this particular morning found herself biding time in the drive through window.  As I approached the counter, I acknowledged them all and noticed a slight smile as my normal greeter slightly shook her head and turned away to avoid seeing what I was about to experience.  Engaged in meeting and taking the orders from groggy, early morning customers both new and old to the local McDonald's, was the new progressive black lives matter charter members that engaged me on this particular morning.  Almost immediately, it became obvious they must have been on a power high as the one on the register could not touch the right buttons despite the corrective advice offered by her companion counter aide in a rather loud exchange of culturally slain use of the English language.  Eventually, the team leader realized the only corrective action that could be made was from the assistance of the assistant manager's register key whom had to be summoned from the rear of the store.  Once reset, the young manager slipped off to regain composure in her hiding place and another attempt at my order was made with the announcement, "go head wit yo awduh."  "Egg Mcfu..., I mean Egg McMuffin with Sausage and a senior coffee," I stated.  As she punched in the order, I was told it was $2.08.  I looked at her and politely said, "that is incorrect, my order should be $4.00 and some odd cents. She looked at me and said in her natural dialect, "you be sait a mcgriddle and coffee," and before I could open my mouth her capable assistant piped in with her loud 3rd Street dialect, once again bastardizing the English Language!  I had reached my saturation point!  You know, that mindset that exceeds the expectations of one's medication??  Just like the first attempt, I stood there listening to the early morning bullshit while the assistant manager was again summoned to reset the register as I turned my back and silently cursed at my morning's misfortunes.  The proper order was finally placed, as both the team leader and counter assistant managed to properly enter my request and the correct price displayed across the pay screen.  I paid by card, thankful change did not have to be made and as I walked out, I heard the all to familiar smoker's hack of my regular morning greeter as without looking, I could visualize her burying her face in her armpit as an attempt to keep that nasty crap in her chest from splattering across handled food.  Once settled in my car to leave, I disgustedly wondered why the hell did I bother to come into this place as often as I did when a granola bar would have been better for me in the first place.  Trust me folks, this is the revised version of the original post I only shared with a few of my good friends originally written on the 2nd day of this new month.

Posted November 4 from my early morning home

          Folkses, I have always held firm in my belief that the first candidate in any local, State or National election to "go negative" against their opponent would be the very candidate I voted against! The closer to election time we draw, two things are becoming crystal clear. The campaign that smears the most is the campaign that noticeably shifts to the center and blatantly lies about who they are, what they believe in their heart and who they actually really represent.  Politics at its very best?  Well absolutely. Because here is what the users of dirt know so well.  On both sides are the culturally "illiterate" crowd that only believes what they hear and see on television and radio ad's.  Their social media sources have been dumb downed to their personal level of understanding as not to cause unwanted stress by finding out the truth of who should truly be called into the service of the electorate.  Obviously the message of the touter is ringing louder as special interest, Unions and National Party money stains the airways of our beloved Louisiana.  So when the message these people actually digested comes to pass and the colors of the winner are elegantly displayed in more "changes" suitable to the onslaught of the socialist agenda we have witnessed in our Nations Capitol, I will still be here shaking my head at the ignorant amongst us hoping Social Security doesn't disappear before I do.  

Posted November 17 from my afternoon home

          Sunray's breach the trees behind me bathing the raised support structures of my drawbridge in her non filtered light. My river clips along in her swirled demeanor as tendrils of soft condensation dissipate from her warmer waters into the chilled 30° air of this fall's first frost. We must wait through another two days and what is left of this beautiful developing Monday before we celebrate the giving of thanks recognized as a national holiday. As Meggie walked across my chest this morning and tickled my face with her whiskers, I sat up on the side of my bed and gave thanks for being allowed to participate in the coming day. A white Egret softly glides through the light foggy pillars from the rivers surface, flairs effortlessly to a standing halt on the edge of a sandbar just below me waiting confidently for breakfast. Thanksgiving. Precious Lord, allow me to acknowledge what I already have before I ask for more.

Posted November 23 from my river