Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rod's Reflections for September 2015

September 2015

          Here I find myself in the middle of the third week of September, 22 days since my last post in August.  I know time has passed and I was able to spend quality time on the North Shore of Pontchartrain over the long Labor Day weekend, yet my mind sits void.  I have not felt encouraged to reflect collected thoughts with the few that do occasionally cross my blog.  Why the void?  Why the silence? I just don't know, actually.  Maybe the season(s) of blog building and thought collections finds its pause, like myself, in the early winter months of life.  I suppose I should prepare my own defined island to better secure me.  Help me to accept what is real and count my blessings.  After all, everything I have accomplished is nothing more than carbon prints of myself.  Damn...  What a mess.  Hang on, now.  Let me pause and look back?   Maybe.  Just Maybe.  

Posted September 16 from my evening home 

         Obviously, as I reflect upon this pictures posed question,
maybe I did not turn out as fine as I could have. I can't help it because I'm white.  Had absolutely nothing in the world to do with that but I have managed the best I could in a progressive leaning society. However, because of this thing pictured, I must confess to the three or four people that read my blog that I have killed unlimited thousands of Indians, German and Japanese soldiers. I hang my head in shame knowing there are countless other outlaw rustlers and bank robbers that fell victim to the same fate as a result of my uncontrolled childhood behavior(s) attributed to the pictured menace you see attached! It helped brainwash my desire to join and become part of the greatest Army in the World where my National Defense Service Medal is adorned with a Star!  After departing military service on my initial enlistment, my flair for abnormal behavior intensified as I attended a Liberal Arts Institute of Advanced studies known as a University.  It was here my abnormal thoughts actually became worse.  That great Army or Green Machine I was so proud to be a part of was stripped to nothing by a peanut president so the monies once used to protect this great nation could now be used to expand social spending which almost ruined this country.  As a result, I found myself giving up my "solid south" democrat voting rights and became a registered republican! See? All of this because of a pictured toy for me to be left alone to fantasize about killing people without compassion with grape cool aide stains on my lips!  Did I mention these things were given me by uncaring parents that dented my ass almost weekly as to help mold my radical behavior while destroying my self-esteem? So as I ponder this picture and reflect on my childhood years playing with this despicable toy, I somehow found Jesus as my personal savior. Seemed like I needed Him more than he needed me as I became part of the law enforcement community that spanned many years!!! So you see, as I aged, I became more and more of a social outcast. I still have a piece of paper at the local court house that says I am a registered republican, only because there is no box I can check that says I am that dreaded conservative so despised by the educated academia types! Please forgive me for being so dismantled. To this very day, I carry concealed because of my insecurities and even felt the urge to share with others why they should as well, if they desire, as a certified instructor with some National organization that built an Association around a Rifle.  It matters not your perception of the question posed.  I reckon I am fine, and I proudly associate myself with that group of people that proclaim "All Lives Matter!" Yet dreadfully, I exist among you as a White, Conservative, Christian, Veteran that owns Guns!  What greater threat to the Government other than that, that, Dang!  What is it?  Oh yes, the Constitution. So, Molon Labe.  I turned out Just Fine! 

Posted September 17 

          And the Fall Equinox is amongst us for the entire day in perfect balance as light and darkness share equal time.  The Fall season is officially here. The dog days of summer are actually behind us, even though reminders of its dominance finds temperatures still palatable in the mid-90's. Now, if a quick cold front would sting us, followed by seasonal temps, then we would we see that crisp fall color we seldom see here in the south.  Leaves will still prepare to desiccate regardless, from their source as another annual ring pronounces itself unseen in the trunk of the tree they nourished. Open your ears and listen. The piercing sound of a referee's whistle as it signals the end of a football play. My word, where is time?  Balanced this day between equal day and equal night?  Harmony, for some yet unnoticed by others. We are in the third week of football season? The gathering of the harvest nears.

Posted September 22 from my early morning office