Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rod's Reflections for October 2015

October 2015

          The awakening of dawn, I have defined it in so many ways before, but today, absent of carefully selected words that might stimulate the human mind into focused thought, it is still a defining moment to sit silently in and just behold.  Everything I have ever mentioned in years past is still present here at my favorite spot on my river.  The sounds that accompany the awakening of a new day along with the visual perception of those moments in time that you see highlighted in my profile picture comes alive in real time. What I actually noticed different this morning, in a seasonal sense of presence, is the crisp, 52° embrace of the season.  And just to make me smile, I have Mockingbird in stereo, from both sides of the river.

Posted October 14 from my morning river

          Walked out this morning to this October's most beautiful harvest moon, accented with two of the brightest planets in the morning sky, Venus and Jupiter.  I have not seen the fresh clarity of the visual limits of our solar system for several days and have shared with friends it is way too early for Seasonal Affective Disorder to start painting pictures of despair in my mind. But a new day dawns on my river's edge as she shimmers in her predawn run.  My Red, White and Blue Memorial Flag is being teased by a gentle northern breeze and my gray shaded Passerine solos me from across the peaceful divide of sister cities. Somewhere soon a cold front will finish the desiccation of faded leaves as each passing day moves us closer to winter's solstice. Let us embrace what is most beautiful of each passing day and gleen wisdom from the unpleasant lessons we encounter along this journey. Let us hasten this morning to our assigned responsibilities as this harvest moon glides steadily to her northwestern moonset announcing the dawning of this, a new day.

Posted October 28 from my morning river