Thursday, May 1, 2014

Facebook Quotes for May 2014

My Facebook post from 2013 started in January and ran through the entire year for twelve long months.  Friends trying to keep up with it told me it was difficult  to start at the beginning of the only "true blog" I keep and arrow down to the last post.   This year, I will post my blog from one month to the next as a separate story throughout the 2014 calendar year?  If you find yourself remotely interested in what goes on in my thoughts and mind, please take the time to join and let me know you are here.  I personally enjoy every fingerprint that is left here and appreciate your comments even more.  There are occasional short stories I do post along with my Facebook Quotes Blog so if you have the time to join, again, please do,  I am still trying to figure out who my favorite fan actually is.  Their name is Anonymous! No last name.  Imagine that.

          Incredible that this is the 1st day of the 5th month of the 21st century's 15th year.  That's right.  Count the years on your fingers now, starting with the year 2000!  Don't forget the 1900's were really the 20th century?  It is the same math that proves I am in the 4th year of my 7th decade and I'm 63.  It has nothing to do with the new "common core" math.  Speaking of common core math, I have a friend that teaches this stuff in a real North American school classroom.  She shared with me one of the math problems and as I recall, it was something like this:  You mention a cow, horse and chicken and ask the students how many total legs are present on the three animals.  In her accelerated class of gifted children, an answer was projected above the rest.  "12 legs," rang out loud and clear and one of the students said, "girl, you be loss yo mind?  A chicken ain't got four legs!"  The student looked at her challenger and responded with firm accuracy, "Ery box a chicken we get from Popeye's always have four legs in it!"  The honest reply resonated with solid approval throughout the classroom as my friend stood there wondering why in the world she was progressively embracing the dumbing down of America after working so hard for her Masters?  So you see, regardless of how we count time or register numbers, I also know this first day of every May, for the rest of my life, will find favor in my mind as 3 years earlier on this date, our Navy Seals took out Osama Bin Laden.  I had originally thought it was the second of May, but that is when I actually heard the wonderful news on the news.   I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing.   I was in Arlington, Texas with my best friend wishing I had some Xanax to minimize a lump in the old tender throat brought on by stress.  Some numbers, dates, places, events, and friends we will never forget!  May is a very good month with many of those made and still to be made...

Posted late May 1 from my home

          Today's post is extensive and very deep for me.  It encompasses a broad spectrum of emotional ups and downs in the early winter of my life.  It all begins with this September 18 post from my Facebook Quotes of 2013 blog collection.  Indulge me if you have the time:

           I sit beside my river's slow moving waters as the gates of dawn remain yet arrived. My draw bridge is elevated and darkened this morning as the 24/7 repair work obviously ceased for last night's crews. Highlighted by distant urban lighting, as they sit upon her approaches are what appears to be  the pre-historic silhouetted pose of construction cranes.  There they sit quietly in the humid darkness waiting for their designed intent to be used by gathering work crews. It is silent here, except for the sounds of man made clutter as I watch and listen. Everything I see and hear is doing what it was designed by man to do. I sit back in my seat and stare at the top of my draw bridge focusing on her highest point.  There a red covered light  attracts my attention as it blinks in perfect sync as its only purpose is to mark its existence to low flying aircraft.  So as the morning light slowly gives the color to our awakening existence, the sounds and sight of God's creations gives purpose for my existence! I was created as were you, as the most perfect of all of His creations to enjoy everything He prepared for us for this purpose, for His pleasure and for us to Worship Him.  May this song touch your heart as it touched mine.  And as I grow older, I was told just today that life was found in the womb of my youngest daughter.  Late April?  Early May?   
Posted September18 from my River
           My prediction was unveiled today on the 6th of May.  It began with this post in the early am hours: 

          My river lies almost tranquil this morning under a partly cloudy sky. My navigational buoy that my U-tern used to sit upon and chatter at me from, disappeared from its anchor a couple of months ago. In its former spot this morning is a floating mass of logs and assorted junk! A female mallard duck swims around and investigates the accumulation before she paddles across the river leaving an undisturbed wake behind her. I sit here waiting for my cell phone to ring. Will they induce her this morning? Let me ponder this thought over an egg mc muffin. And induce her they have. Maybe a baby before 11 this am?

          With this call, I drive to the hospital to join Linda in the labor and delivery room of Rapides Women's and Children's Hospital around 0715 or so...  Somewhat put off that they had delayed the introduction of "labor inducing" drugs an hour later than anticipated, I realized my expected "time of delivery" of 1100 hours was going to be delayed an hour or so.  Figure that.  I know my daughter pretty well, don't you think?  And sure enough, the doctor comes in at 0915 with 4cm dilated and breaks the water.  My post just informs those interested:


"Water has bro-ken, like the first morn-ing; Poppy is wait-ing, like times before!"  Sung to the tune, Morning Has Broken, by whoever sings it. Or should I be humming,  "Garret Ferret by morning, up to six inna house," as remembered to the tune of Amarillo By Morning? And the little contraction hills on the monitor become more defined.


          From this moment until delivery, things began to unravel in anticipated expectations as this was the fourth time for me to experience this chartered air space.   Understand now, the last two deliveries were performed "au naturale" by my baby daughter with assistance from her aptly capable, Daddy coach, of course.  As contractions began their Divinely appointed misery upon her system, this time however, my daughter discovered the sciatic nerve in her right leg, that had given her problems throughout this pregnancy was determined to add insult to the already injurious labor pains.  Probably an hour and a half before delivery, I pushed her hair back from her teary eyes and told her, "baby, you might consider an epidural this time!"  Linda had already been snapped at a couple of times and her husband knew to keep himself out of view, in the corner of the room just in case Paige decided to tell everyone present his parents weren't married in cruel and hateful terms.  As the epidural team came in to administer the epidural, they asked us to leave the room...  I'm sure they had to use a cattle prod or some form of electrical shock on my daughter at this point and did NOT want us to be witness to something they had to do that was essential to their survival!


          I walked over to the main hospital's McDonalds to get some coffee and joined everyone back in the labor and delivery room about 30 minutes later.  I found my daughter had survived the exorcism and was more pleasant with everyone.  *whew*  Seems like I had always been the only one immune from her bite in the previous three deliveries.  Recognizing the epidural was possibly a God send, I suggested to her husband, Michael, that he take the coaching position as the nursing staff prepared for a full term little baby boy to join this world.  I prepared my cell phone to capture more of Michael's response than the delivery and capture it I did!  And it is a thrill every time I look at it.  I still become overwhelmed with emotion!   Right here, I could write an entire short story.  Bottom line...  When Garret made his easy (as always) entry into this world, Michael looked away and realized that I was recording him!  As he tried to "man up," a baby's cry reminded me 2000 years had passed and I panned my Iphone camera to a rather sensitive area as the most beautiful sound of a fussy baby boy flushed me with emotion.  The Doctor asked Michael if he wanted to cut the cord and he flatly stated "hell no!" With that said, I stood up and said, "Doctor, allow me!"  The doctor was surprised at the daddy's response and with my insistence, handed me the scissors.  The separation of child from mother was physically achieved with the doctor smiling and stating, "you act like you know what you're doing!"  It was a couple of minutes, but I regained enough composure to post this:


 Folkses, Garret Ferret is here at 12:01 and Poppy cut the cord!! That is it! My last grand baby that I will be this emotionally involved with!


     My time of birthing babies has come and ended today with over 35 years of experience starting with the assistance and delivery of unknown children as an EMT.  From there as responsibility of fatherhood tapped me on the shoulders I had an intense desire to become personally involved with my own children's delivery and birth!   My oldest son was a caesarian section and I watched every slice.  The vertical cut of the tummy, horizontal slice of the uterus and removal of my boy as I watched him take his first breath.  This was followed years later by the natural delivery of my baby girl Paige... How I remember Linda focusing intently on what I was telling her as she gave me my little girl. The very one I was present with today.  It seemed like just yesterday that my grandbabies started coming...  Micah, Mckinzi, Ashton, Katie, Gabby and today's finale, Garret.  Those were the ones I witnessed take their first breath in this world.  I cut the cord on Mckinzi and Garret, but every one of them will share one common bond.  I was the first human to place my lips on their face.  This picture below documents for me the last time I will welcome a life into this world that I am so intimately involved.  Now this event is bound for the remainder of my life in digital format.  Yes, I am sad. I will only share these moments again at a distance, possibly as a Great-Grandfather if I live long enough, but a friend shared this thought on this picture that I placed on facebook:  Congratulations, Rod.  He Looks like he is smiling!  My answer was from my heart!  "Certainly he is smiling, Caroline! Behind the prickly feel of my moustache, that boy feels the warmth, softness, and love of his Poppy's kiss. He is thinking, this experience matches his voice! I know who this man is..."  And with those printed words to my friend, I again became emotionally engaged.

 And with this, I pass to the generation of my children that "Thank You" for allowing me to share in the beauty of the birth of your children.   I hope when I am a distant ancestor, this pride of sharing in the birth of a child still touches hearts and you too, experience the emotional ride that goes with the first breath of life!  From such a close perspective may a conservative root of your foundation establish itself in the firm soil of Faith.  And so it was today, as I
post from my home the evening of May 6, 2014
Garret Mason Renbarger, weighing in at 8lbs 3oz and a 20" beginning.

          I do not know if it has anything to do with the roots of my beginning or part of my musical conditioning as a youth/teen/adult. I do know that I can sit for hours at this laptop and glimpse the chiernony of David Downs as the violin of Mairead Nesbitt stills my every concern... As the Angelic voices of Chloe Agnew, Lisa Kelly and Lisa Lambe sooth my senses in heavenly refrains, adrenalin stimulates my mesmerized soul punctuated by the phenomenal percussion of Celtic Woman! I simply must "Believe" that someday before my eyes dim and my body is too fragile to move over a measured distance, I will be able to watch them perform and hear all of them for myself in person. They have digitally stimulated my heart like no other for years!!

          A quick trip to You Tube and a search for Celtic Woman will introduce you to endless performances by this incredibly gifted and talented collection of musicians and vocalist!  One song may simply start with the softness of a violin or flute and progress to the stimulating rhythm of the aptly capable percussionist of this trope.  The enthusiasm of choreographed song and dance accompanied by a full orchestra then captures one's attention into a tunnel vision sort of trance.  As for me, I am taken to a place only music can take me...  Go ahead...  Try one...  "A Spaceman Came Traveling" with Lisa Lambe or "Nocturne" with Chloe Agnew, if you may.  "Follow on" with Lisa Kelly will still you as well.  Really want a nice one with all of them?  "Sailing!"  Feel the connection with the audience! This is why I wish to be at a concert at some distant time and place.  I personally would hope that the very people I have mentioned here will perform when I am in attendance.  And yes, they have been as close as Shreveport/Bossier City in my recent past!  It will happen. To be in the presence of such beauty with those that share my desire for this sort of music would be of heavenly proportions...  At least for me.

Posted from my home the afternoon of 10 May

          I was sitting at my laptop computer this afternoon, kicked back in my chair with my legs propped up on the edge of my breakfast island.  As is the norm, Meggie Mew, my little gray stray, launched into my lap, curled her tail around her front feet, and stared into my eyes.  I could read her mind so clearly as she spoke to me.  "Listen to me," she boldly projected!   Capturing my attention totally, she continued.  "This is critically important to me and I want to know the truth!!"  Well, I'm taken back at this point, but felt this particular conversation might have some merit.  So I acknowledged her control of the situation encouraging her to continue.  Then the big question, "Did you ever have a dog you loved as much as you do me??"  

I could hear friends from as far as Arkansas and the spans of Texas encourage me to answer carefully before taking sides with her and answering her demand with the question, "Well?"  Of course I had my allies as well when a close friend from Monroe encouraged me to lie with plausible deniability...  That sweet face...  And she was serious!  As I reached out to pet her head, she pulled back as if to say, "I am not into that right now, I would like for you to answer my question."   And so I tried my best at doing just that.

 You see, I knew she was serious.  I could tell it in those beautiful green eyes. I asked her, "Meggie, do you know of or ever remember me talking to anyone about a dog named Thumper or Fab?" "How about Sugar, Trooper or Missy?" She just looked at me in silence, waiting.   So, I continued... "Okay then, let me ask you this question.  Have you ever heard me talk about Libby Lu Big Dog?" I prodded as I shook my head from side to side subliminally telling her, "No you haven't!"  I could tell from the look on her face she was beginning to follow my lead.  I distantly detected a slight resolve on her part, maybe??  I tested my feeling by reaching out and sure enough, she let me pull her a little closer as I gently scruffed her neck and said this, "Meggie Mew, it doesn't really matter, does it?  I mean, Really?" She jumped off my lap, went to the door and meowed. I stood up and walked over to the French door to let her out go outside for a little while. Then I told her in a very nice tone,  "Sweetheart, you need to quit talking to that dog momma has locked up in the washroom.  He is a sick puppy and tells lies!"  Last time we had a conversation like this, she brought me a mouse when she returned to the house.  I love this little feline. Sure hope she never asks me about Charco and Scrunch.   She has pretty much helped me get over those two. Whoda thunk it! I have a weakness for that stuff...

Posted from my home May 11, Mother's Day...

          I guess I should have cautioned my Southern acquaintances of the consequences you might encounter if you allow yourself to become befriended by any true Conservative whose entire life was formed, founded, and forged in the Northeastern parts of our Continental United States. I know that was a long sentence, but I settled on it after changing it three times. Anyway, I fell victim to one of these "marveled" individuals, by chance, through a popular social networking enterprise most of us are commonly addicted to. From this casual beginning, periodic interactions with each other through mutual friends over several weeks, made me realize that despite our geographical differences and to my surprise, I pleasantly embraced her views of conservatism despite her Roman Catholic indoctrination and my Southern Baptist Heritage. Besides, it didn't take too terribly long for me to realize that she was smarter than I was despite the fact we were educated in State Institutions, worlds apart. Never one time as we jumped into the polarizing worlds of religion and politics were her views left hanging for me to choose from or else. We simply found ourselves in perfect orbit around our core beliefs. She was able to introduce me, quite by accident, to someone named Andrew Klavan, pronounced Clay-vin, and this is where you might yield to my caution as this discovery has consumed a bit of my time. Hey! If you have stayed with me this far, then go to and in the search line, type in that name. Andrew Klavan. Several of his simply understood vocal editorials will appear... Sucked me right in... Try it for yourself? Oh yeah. Suzanne? It is good to be your friend. And feel free to reach out and touch anyone you find grazing around my wall. They are good people!

Posted 22 May from my late evening home

          Please click on the link below and listen to this video of President Ronald Reagan.  This is my 2014 Memorial Day tribute to the Veterans of the United States of America, and my prayer for those who are still strong among us!
          Aren't we still Americans??? This is my prayer for the men and women who made this very day possible for me and those I love. That they are never forgotten! That the spirit of their fallen will strengthen me as I resist those that belittle their sacrifices! I ask, Father God, that you heal the minds and bodies of this generation of Heroes who answered our nation's call, that YOU place in them the gift of Leadership! It is these warriors that sought Your comfort in the Hell of battle that know YOU comfort the souls of those they fought with that fell among them. These are the men and women I ask YOU, Almighty God, to anoint! That those of us that dwell in the land of the free that still believe in Heroes will send to State Capitols all across our nation, encourage, and support them to take their seats in the once hallowed halls of our Nation's Government. We know that if YOU so place this Gift of Leadership in their hearts, these men and women that bear the scars of our country's resolve, will once again restore YOUR name in our Nation's Capitol. Our Schools. Our Churches. Our Families!
           2 Chronicles 7:14    If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
Posted 24 May from my late evening home