Monday, March 10, 2014

Facebook Quotes for March 2014

My Facebook post from 2013 started in January and ran through the entire year for twelve long months.  Friends trying to keep up with it told me it was difficult  to start at the beginning of the only "true blog" I keep and arrow down to the last post.   This year, I will post my blog from one month to the next as a separate story throughout the 2014 calendar year?  If you find yourself remotely interested in what goes on in my thoughts and mind, please take the time to join and let me know you are here.  I personally enjoy every fingerprint that is left here and appreciate your comments even more.  There are occasional short stories I do post along with my Facebook Quotes Blog so if you have the time to join, again, please do,  I am still trying to figure out who my favorite fan actually is.  Their name is Anonymous! No last name.  Imagine that.


          Incredible that I pass into the 10th day of our third month without as much as a comment about my river, mockingbird, or this season's slow push toward spring.  I guess February had such an impact on my life, that I surprised even myself with my endless babble...  dealing with a serious setback in my health, the loss of my sister, and that never ending wrestling match with my river.  Little did I know the knowledge possessed by the years of wisdom collected by a body of running water as she alone let me put the pieces of an intricate eagles nest together!  Simply stated, she revealed a secret hidden within her as she said, "There are locks and dams that span my length.  At any time, a given person can close just one of my locks and cause my waters upstream to rise, slow down and pool into a beautiful clear reflection of your past.  Excitement will fill your heart as I gather over the coming days as you are able to put pieces of seasons past together yet again.  Sooner, rather than later, if you are wise and fortunate, that same person will open the closed gate, yet again and the momentary contentment of past, still, cleared waters will rush away leaving you with a clear understanding of why you even allowed yourself to dwell beside me yet again.  It is an endless game.  Necessary for life, mind you, but predictable.   Once you have experienced my seasons, she clearly revealed, you will always wonder of my return.  And I will return.  But I will never be possessed and with each passing moment your memory of that season will fade.  I am fluid, liquid, and full of life giving properties as I quench your thirst.  I water The Fields of Gold  and give bountiful food from my depths.  I am that memory you will always return to.  A reflection of everything you were and desire to be.  You discover with every visit that I am still as complex and exciting as our first time together.  This is why you are drawn to me with such a deep attachment."  And my affair with my river continues...

Posted March 10 from my home.

          Well now, Folkses... Its like this... Mawmaw is not here, and my daughter had to take her oldest son to the emergency room because he said he hurt his arm at school this afternoon. Her husband is working so instead of taking the two youngest Virus Drones along with her to the emergency room for them to collect another deadly arsenal of viruses, guess who was elected baby sitter for the night! You got it!  What a Surprise!   One is in Pre K and I communicate with her mostly with "eye threats" and the youngest can't talk yet which correlates into "she is still in diapers!" Dear Lord... Please help her to not have the urge to take care of business.  It has been so long since I had to "hose" a child down and this is the one that was in the hospital earlier this week with pneumonia. It really is too cold for me to be tested at this late stage in my life... Amen.   As I was saying, I know how. You NEVER forget how.  It is the smell!  I just don't want to and I'm seriously wondering how my "want to" and eventually my "have to" are going to play out!   I think I can. How did this happen to me?   Benedryl... Childrens benedryl... Does that stuff really help?   Oh yes... At 8pm at night I collect them up and bring them home with Poppy.  Of course they have not been fed! I found something in a plastic container in the refrigerator that looked like hamburger helper. I microwaved it for five minutes, smelled it, gave some to the cat who didn't die, and all three of us ate.  The youngest keeps running up to me saying "juice!" I keep telling her "No Juice!" she is still dry, does not stink, and I still can't find any benedryl anywhere.   It is 8:53 pm and I just asked her if she was sleepy.  She ran off down the hall!  Whatcha wanna bet that on one of these trips back I'll smell her before she rounds the corner?  And folkses???  It got worse.

Here is how my facebook friends, weighed in on the subject:

Lauren:  You are to crazy!!!!!!
Brandy:  Be careful because Benadryl can dry them out and make them miserable! Find a kid friendly movie/DVD, make them a Pallet of blankets and pillows and hunker down! Do! Not! Show! Fear!!!! If little one makes a poopy remember that a bathtub and warm water are your friend!
Brandy:  P.s. If Linda has some children's Motrin in the medicine cabinet go that route! Benadryl CAN have a reverse reaction and make them bounce like checks!!!
Rod Ferguson:   If she gives poppy a poopy I'm calling 911!
Leona:   Hilarious!! Good luck poppy...
Rod Ferguson:   She has that look! I remember that look!
Brandy:   Um from what I have learned from tv murder shows rub some Vicks vaporub under your nose, glove up and handle up on some business! Poor poppy!
Sandi:   Lol needed that humor!!!
Donna Kaye:   Be careful if she gets that serious far away stare!!!
Cathy:   ROFL
Linda:   Ohhhhh Poopy, I have not laughed this hard in a while. I am just envisioning the scene and rolling with laughter. Oh, by the way, good luck.
Rod Ferguson:   Well, for EVERYONES information, the talent was NOT LOST! The smell is worse than I remembered. The crap sticks when it drys! *OMG* Obviously it was there before she even came here!! Baby powder took away the smell... Now I'm dealing with the visual... I'm fine... Lord, PLEASE allow me to be a problem to my children... I HAVE RAISED MY CHILDREN, THANK YOU!!!!!
Judy:   I totally agree with Linda. Im still rolling. You
Might get lucky with the poop. But i don't think you will be that lucky. Just saying roflol
Rod Ferguson:   I DID NOT GET LUCKY..
Judy:   I'm rolling. Thanks for the laugh lol
Rod Ferguson:   Both are in bed now.. I turned off all of the lights and told them about the monster under the bed that eats kids heads off first. So far it is still quiet in there...
Donna:   you are a trip rod! good luck!
Donna Kaye:   Just hold her by the arms and feet and dunk her bottom a few times!!!
Rod Ferguson:   WD40 worked fine, Donna Kaye...
Linda:   Well, be THANKFUL. Nowdays with disposable diapers, you don't have to wash it out like we did with our kids. Just remember to put it in the outdoor trash!
Donna Kaye:   Did the cat try to cover her up??!!
Rod Ferguson:   Stupid cat vacated and the 3 pound poodle turned into a 100 pound Doberman...
Judy:   Rod. That was a great short story. I think all of us are still rolling. Have a great night.
Rod Ferguson:   Linda, Out side trash? I'm gonna stick it under the back seat of her mothers van!
Rod Ferguson:   I'm glad you reminded me! I forgot the dang thing and it was laying on my dresser in my bed room.. It is now in a sealable baggy... *shiver*
Betty:   Rod, Rod, Rod. You are just too funny.

Posted March 14 from what I wished was a peaceful, quiet evening...

So tender the color is yet to show.
          Appears my Dogwood blooms will share the same stage this year with the yellow dusting of Pine pollen. The dictates of spring are mandated by length of daylight. It is becoming more obvious that the buffering comforts of short sleeved spring-like temperatures will avoid us this present season. Rather instead, we should expect that transitional phase we so anticipate to be more of a winter to summer occurrence. I cannot imagine going from a hot summer directly into a long winter season without a fall. Guess that could happen as well, but I am just missing this year's spring.  As I drive through the "hood," everything of a spring-like nature is presently "displayed" despite their tempestuous delay in bloom response as a result of our cold frost-like nights and mornings.   It is so unlike Mother Nature to tease us with the beauty of her handiwork, but not allow us to actively participate in her presence.  One could easily assess that she has thrown up a deliberate wall to keep us from enjoying the depths of her seasonal existence?  Now...  Why in the world does that cause one stress?  Isn't the bloom the purpose of the plant?   It is just too cold outside to set aside time to touch and admire the flower.   Just to hold it with your hands and admire the beauty, this makes me feel complete in so many ways.

Posted March 26 in the am hours from my home.

          So the early morning hours of the last day of March encourages me to remove myself from the restless side of my bed to engage her. As I closed my eyes last night, one of the last thoughts on my mind was of my daughter Paige. For those of you remotely familiar with my current “life,” she is in her third trimester with her fourth child, a son, they have named Garrett. Paige is six (6) weeks before her due date and is struggling with this pregnancy. She went to the emergency room Friday night with severe spotting and more than what she felt was the Braxton-Hicks “false labor” pains. They kept her. Her diet is liquid, she has a catheter, and  the medicines they are pumping into her system are to keep her from going into labor and to strengthen Garrett’s lungs. This little fighter is estimated to be between 4 and 4 1/2 pounds as of Friday night. Sometimes this morning (Monday), her Ob/Gyn will decide what will be done about her current situation. We have been told by attending medical staff that she is losing a considerable amount of blood and because of this issue a Cesarean Delivery is very possibly in her near future. I sit back with suppressed amounts of stress and let life play out. In the mean time…

          We are babysitting her three children which has not been a problem except to me. Remember my favorite virus drone? Yes… The one I had the diaper experience with? That’s her… Gabby! It seems that ever since she experienced that diaper change with me, we have “bonded!” So that’s what it takes? *SMH* She is quiet vocal now and loves to talk gibberish to me. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing or where I am in the house, she just appears and engages me in that under developed language she speaks so fluently. Interlaced amongst the foreign mix of unknowns are words like Poppy, Cat, Maw Maw, Mommy, juice and eat that seems to resonate audibly in my head. This in return, encourages me to engage her in conversation.

           Anyway, as the weekend defined itself, Linda or Gabby decided the best place for her to sleep when spending the night, is in that big King Sized bed of Maw Maw and Poppy. Last night as I prepared to retire for the evening, I had just brushed my teeth and walked around my side of the bed to lay down my watch and glasses, staring at me were those beautiful eyes and my Gabby patting my pillow with her tiny hand… Oh My Word… Is it happening again? Who has who wrapped around who’s finger?? That sweet child is more addictive than the viruses she willingly shares with me, but I’m beginning not to care. This morning as I prepared to rise, I awakened before the alarm sounded and I reached and turned it off. While in the bathroom taking meds and doing what few man things needs to be done in my early morning preparations for work, the alarm sounded! What?? I had turned that thing off! As I rushed out of the bathroom, my sweet Gabby had crawled from her warm spot across the bed and was patting my alarm clock telling me, “Heah Poppy, Heah it is!” My dilemma? Am I going to kidnap that grandchild or start begging for her to spend the night with me more often? Meggie, my little Russian Blue gray stray cat, was sitting patiently at the end of the bed observing this interaction between Gabby and me.  I could clearly hear her thinking out loud her proper response to what she perceived  as a threat to her security, “I can answer that question for you real easy, Bud!!”

          As the last day of March dances away, I wonder what news is still left undefined as I type this sentence. And for those that have read this far, your prayers are solicited and strongly encouraged…
Posted March 31 from my Office