Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rod's Reflections for March 2015


          It has been awhile since I have sat alone on my patio. It is a comfortable 75° accented with the sound of active amphibians across the watered spaces of my backyard's expanse.  What I find pleasantly before me is a full moon gazing down through my Longleaf Pine and sparsely clouded sky.  It is astounding when I take the time to allow the memories that embrace me as I sit alone in this particular spot. Distant planets are where they are supposed to be as I struggle to name the least brightest at distance to Jupiter and then Saturn?  I wonder if there are those that wonder the same things as I when the beauty of God's creation embraces me. And that moon! Always that moon. Somewhere a life takes its last breath while another takes its first!  As for me?  Until I take my last, there are still dreams to capture! Another airliner passes overhead from Atlanta to Houston. I like it here until this time tomorrow.  Shaking my head.  Another jump from Winter to Summer is typical for my Louisiana.  Will there simply refuse to be a Spring season? Temperatures are projected  around 22° in the next couple of days.  But I'm still breathing...

Posted March 3 from my afternoon home

          Saturday morning in Central Louisiana. A week into daylight savings time and Spring continues her struggle with a determined Winter that refuses to relinquish her rainy dominance. March is a benchmark month for me as I said good bye to my dad on this date in 1996.  Just 9 days shy of one year,  March 5 of 1997 my mother joined dad in their promised reward. I recall memories of this month so well and vividly remember the blooms of the Dogwoods along with the pristine blue skies as the Southern Hemisphere passes their summer/fall to jumpstart our Northern Hemisphere's spring/summer. Yes, that gradual tilt of our earth as on the 20th of this, my most favored month, our daylight and dark will be equal in length as we mark the official end of Winter. Spring will tease us today here in my part of the world where I will participate! I have 8 students to instruct in basic pistol and concealed carry. I so desire the smell of fresh cut, spring grass. I am blessed!

Posted March 14 from my early morning start

          She is only one foot below her minor flood stage of 36 feet. With that being said, she runs south with minimal flood gate control with an attitude. Northbound, against her determined destination, Miss Christi navigates the spans of my draw bridge with 8 barges of coal destined to fuel central Louisiana's steam electric plant. The disturbed interaction between the natural flow of my river and the adjusted power of Miss Christi's powerful Diesel engines, causes deep, discombobulated waves that could swamp any commercial Jon boat that might encounter such happenstance. In the meantime, my Mockingbird serenades the surrounding events and my 62° temperatures will yield to a warmer day as it passes. Thus defines the beginning of my Tuesday.  :-)

Posted March 17 from my early morning river

          For all of the intellectual types reviewing this final post for March, I wanted to share with you what Wikipedia had to say about the precision of the atomic clock: "The accuracy of an atomic clock depends on two factors. The first factor is temperature of the sample atoms—colder atoms move much more slowly, allowing longer probe times. The second factor is the frequency and intrinsic width of the electronic transition. Higher frequencies and narrow lines increase the precision." Man strives to synchronize the entire universe for whatever reason I don't even think they understand. And for what? I would think that everyone of us could come up with reasons to be precise and pinpoint that one point in time? Time. There it is. Time is now and becomes history in one tick of a Nano-second of the atomic clock or whatever a Nano-second is. I have no idea. Here is what I do know. Today is the last day of the month of March as well as the end of the first quarter of the year 2015. Three months of the new year we just celebrated a few weeks ago is gone. Had nothing to do with the atomic measurement of time but more of us being excited about something that is going to happen tomorrow while we let right now slip away unnoticed. Here is something else I feel comfortable with. When my Nano-second comes, will I know it, will it be slow or quick in its announcement of its intention, or will it surprise me. I just know it will come and being the chicken I am, sure hope it doesn't hurt too bad. Nope. The finite measurement of universal time is infinite! But there will come that atomic second when it will end. Then what? How long is forever and how is that measured?

Posted March 31 sometimes after the 1530 hour.